Isaiah 16

  1 H7971 Send H3733 the lambs H4910 for the ruler H776 of the land H5554 from Selah H4057 to the wilderness, H2022 to the mountain H1323 of the daughter H6726 of Zion.
  2 H5074 For it will be that as wandering H5775 birds, H7971 as a scattered H7064 nest, H1323 so will the daughters H4124 of Moab H4569 be at the fords H769 of the Arnon.
  3 H6098 Give counsel! H6213 Execute H6415 justice! H7896 Make H6738 your shade H3915 like the night H8432 in the midst H6672 of the noonday! H5641 Hide H5080 the outcasts! H5074 Don't betray the fugitive!
  4 H5080 Let my outcasts H1481 dwell H4124 with you! As for Moab, H1933 be H5643 a hiding H6440 place for him from the face H7703 of the destroyer. H4160 For the extortioner H656 is brought to nothing. H7701 Destruction H3615 ceases. H7429 The oppressors H8552 are consumed H776 out of the land.
  5 H3678 A throne H3559 will be established H2617 in loving kindness. H3427 One will sit H571 on it in truth, H168 in the tent H1732 of David, H8199 judging, H1875 seeking H4941 justice, H4106 and swift H6664 to do righteousness.
  6 H8085 We have heard H1347 of the pride H4124 of Moab, H3966 that he is very H1341 proud; H1347 even of his arrogance, H1347 his pride, H5678 and his wrath. H907 His boastings are nothing.
  7 H4124 Therefore Moab H3213 will wail H4124 for Moab. H3213 Everyone will wail. H1897 You will mourn H808 for the raisin cakes H7025 of Kir Hareseth, H5218 utterly stricken.
  8 H7709 For the fields H2809 of Heshbon H535 languish H1612 with the vine H7643 of Sibmah. H1167 The lords H1471 of the nations H1986 have broken down H8291 its choice branches, H5060 which reached H3270 even to Jazer, H8582 which wandered H4057 into the wilderness. H7976 Its shoots H5203 were spread abroad. H5674 They passed over H3220 the sea.
  9 H1058 Therefore I will weep H1065 with the weeping H3270 of Jazer H1612 for the vine H7643 of Sibmah. H7301 I will water H1832 you with my tears, H2809 Heshbon, H500 and Elealeh: H7019 for on your summer fruits H7105 and on your harvest H1959 the battle shout H5307 has fallen.
  10 H8057 Gladness H622 is taken away, H1524 and joy H3759 out of the fruitful field; H3754 and in the vineyards H7442 there will be no singing, H7321 neither joyful noise. H1869 Nobody will tread H1869 out H3196 wine H3342 in the presses. H1959 I have made the shouting H7673 stop.
  11 H4578 Therefore my heart H1993 sounds H3658 like a harp H4124 for Moab, H7130 and my inward parts H7025 for Kir Heres.
  12 H4124 It will happen that when Moab H7200 presents H3811 himself, when he wearies H1116 himself on the high place, H935 and comes H4720 to his sanctuary H6419 to pray, H3201 that he will not prevail.
  13 H1697 This is the word H3068 that Yahweh H1696 spoke H4124 concerning Moab H227 in time past.
  14 H3068 But now Yahweh H1696 has spoken, H559 saying, H7969 "Within three H8141 years, H7916 as a worker bound by contract H8141 would count H3519 them, the glory H4124 of Moab H7034 shall be brought into contempt, H7227 with all his great H1995 multitude; H7605 and the remnant H4592 will be very H4213 small H3808 and feeble."