H227 אז - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A demonstrative adverb; at that time or place; also as a conjugation, therefore

KJV Usage: beginning, for, from, hitherto, now, of old, once, since, then, at which time, yet.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. then, at that time
a. temporal expressions
1. then (past)
2. then, if...then (future)
3. earlier
b. logical expressions
1. in that case
2. that (being so)
Origin: a demonstrative adv
TWOT: 54
Parts of Speech: Adverb

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23 occurrences of H227 אז

Genesis 12:6 was then
Genesis 39:5 And it came to pass from the time
Exodus 4:10 nor since
Exodus 15:15 Then
Joshua 14:10 even since
Joshua 22:31 now
Ruth 2:7 even
2 Samuel 15:34 to this time,
1 Kings 9:11) that then
2 Kings 5:3 for
1 Chronicles 20:4 at which time
Job 9:31 Yet
Psalms 39:3 then
Psalms 76:7 when
Psalms 93:2 of old:
Psalms 96:12 then
Ecclesiastes 2:15 Then
Isaiah 16:13 since that time.
Isaiah 44:8 thee from that time,
Isaiah 48:3 from the beginning;
Isaiah 48:5 I have even from the beginning
Jeremiah 28:9 then
Jeremiah 51:53 yet

Distinct usage

3 Then
2 then
1 was then
1 And it came to pass from the time
1 even since
1 even
1 to this time,
1) that then
1 at which time
1 when
1 of old:
1 since that time.
1 from the beginning;
1 I have even from the beginning
1 yet
1 Yet
1 thee from that time,
1 now
1 for
1 nor since

Corresponding Greek Words

meaz G3819 palai *
meaz G3820 palaios *

Related words


H233 אזי 'ăzay
Probably from H227; at that time

KJV Usage: then.