Proverbs 17

  1 H2896 Better H2720 is a dry H6595 morsel H7962 , and quietness H1004 therewith, than an house H4392 full H2077 of sacrifices H7379 with strife.
  2 H7919 A wise [H8688]   H5650 servant H4910 shall have rule [H8799]   H1121 over a son H954 that causeth shame [H8688]   H2505 , and shall have part [H8799]   H5159 of the inheritance H8432 among H251 the brethren.
  3 H4715 The fining pot H3701 is for silver H3564 , and the furnace H2091 for gold H3068 : but the LORD H974 trieth [H8802]   H3826 the hearts.
  4 H7489 A wicked doer [H8688]   H7181 giveth heed [H8688]   H205 to false H8193 lips H8267 ; and a liar H238 giveth ear [H8688]   H1942 to a naughty H3956 tongue.
  5 H3932 Whoso mocketh [H8802]   H7326 the poor [H8802]   H2778 reproacheth [H8765]   H6213 his Maker [H8802]   H8056 : and he that is glad H343 at calamities H5352 shall not be unpunished [H8735]  .
  6 H1121 Children's H1121 children H5850 are the crown H2205 of old men H8597 ; and the glory H1121 of children H1 are their fathers.
  7 H3499 Excellent H8193 speech H5000 becometh H5036 not a fool H8267 : much less do lying H8193 lips H5081 a prince.
  8 H7810 A gift H2580 is as a precious H68 stone H5869 in the eyes H1167 of him that hath H6437 it: whithersoever it turneth [H8799]   H7919 , it prospereth [H8686]  .
  9 H3680 He that covereth [H8764]   H6588 a transgression H1245 seeketh [H8764]   H160 love H8138 ; but he that repeateth [H8802]   H1697 a matter H6504 separateth [H8688]   H441 very friends.
  10 H1606 A reproof H5181 entereth [H8799]   H995 more into a wise man [H8688]   H3967 than an hundred H5221 stripes [H8687]   H3684 into a fool.
  11 H7451 An evil H1245 man seeketh [H8762]   H4805 only rebellion H394 : therefore a cruel H4397 messenger H7971 shall be sent [H8792]   against him.
  12 H1677 Let a bear H7909 robbed H6298 of her whelps meet [H8800]   H376 a man H408 , rather than H3684 a fool H200 in his folly.
  13 H7725 Whoso rewardeth [H8688]   H7451 evil H2896 for good H7451 , evil H4185 shall not depart [H8799]   [H8675]   H4185   [H8686]   H1004 from his house.
  14 H7225 The beginning H4066 of strife H6362 is as when one letteth out [H8802]   H4325 water H5203 : therefore leave off [H8800]   H7379 contention H6440 , before H1566 it be meddled [H8694]   with.
  15 H6663 He that justifieth [H8688]   H7563 the wicked H7561 , and he that condemneth [H8688]   H6662 the just H8147 , even they both H8441 are abomination H3068 to the LORD.
  16 H4242 Wherefore is there a price H3027 in the hand H3684 of a fool H7069 to get [H8800]   H2451 wisdom H3820 , seeing he hath no heart to it ?
  17 H7453 A friend H157 loveth [H8802]   H6256 at all times H251 , and a brother H3205 is born [H8735]   H6869 for adversity.
  18 H120 A man H2638 void H3820 of understanding H8628 striketh [H8802]   H3709 hands H6148 , and becometh [H8802]   H6161 surety H6440 in the presence H7453 of his friend.
  19 H157 He loveth [H8802]   H6588 transgression H157 that loveth [H8802]   H4683 strife H1361 : and he that exalteth [H8688]   H6607 his gate H1245 seeketh [H8764]   H7667 destruction.
  20 H6141 He that hath a froward H3820 heart H4672 findeth [H8799]   H2896 no good H2015 : and he that hath a perverse [H8738]   H3956 tongue H5307 falleth [H8799]   H7451 into mischief.
  21 H3205 He that begetteth [H8802]   H3684 a fool H8424 doeth it to his sorrow H1 : and the father H5036 of a fool H8055 hath no joy [H8799]  .
  22 H8056 A merry H3820 heart H3190 doeth good [H8686]   H1456 like a medicine H5218 : but a broken H7307 spirit H3001 drieth [H8762]   H1634 the bones.
  23 H7563 A wicked H3947 man taketh [H8799]   H7810 a gift H2436 out of the bosom H5186 to pervert [H8687]   H734 the ways H4941 of judgment.
  24 H2451 Wisdom H6440 is before him that hath understanding H995   [H8688]   H5869 ; but the eyes H3684 of a fool H7097 are in the ends H776 of the earth.
  25 H3684 A foolish H1121 son H3708 is a grief H1 to his father H4470 , and bitterness H3205 to her that bare [H8802]   him.
  26 H6064 Also to punish [H8800]   H6662 the just H2896 is not good H5221 , nor to strike [H8687]   H5081 princes H3476 for equity.
  27 H3045 He that hath [H8802]   H1847 knowledge H2820 spareth [H8802]   H561 his words H376 : and a man H8394 of understanding H3368 is of an excellent [H8675]   H7119   H7307 spirit.
  28 H191 Even a fool H2790 , when he holdeth his peace [H8688]   H2803 , is counted [H8735]   H2450 wise H331 : and he that shutteth [H8801]   H8193 his lips H995 is esteemed a man of understanding [H8737]  .