Proverbs 17

  1 G2908 Better G5596.1 a morsel G3326 with G2237 satisfaction G1722 in G1515 peace, G2228 than G3624 a house G4134 full G4183 of many G18 good things, G2532 and G94 unjust G2367.3 things offered for sacrifices G3326 with G3163 battles.
  2 G3610 [2servant G3540.1 1An intelligent] G2902 shall prevail over G1203 [2masters G878 1foolish]; G1722 and among G1161   G80 brethren G1244 he shall divide G3313 portions.
  3 G5618 As G1381 [4tried G1722 5in G2575 6a furnace G696 1silver G2532 2and G5557 3gold]; G3779 so G1588 choice G2588 hearts G3844 by G2962 the lord .
  4 G2556 A bad man G5219 obeys G1100 the tongue G3892.1 of lawbreakers; G94 and an unjust man G1161   G4337 heeds G5491 [2lips G5571 1lying].
  5 G3588 The G2606 one ridiculing G4434 the poor G3947 provokes G3588 the one G4160 making G1473 him. G3588 And the one G1161   G2020.1 rejoicing at G622 one being destroyed G3756 shall not G121.1 be acquitted; G3588 but the one G1161   G1986.2 showing compassion G1653 shall be shown mercy.
  6 G4735 [3 are the crown G1088 4of the aged G5043 1Children's G5043 2children]; G2745 [3 are the boasting G1161 1and G5043 2children] G3962 of their fathers. G1473   G3588 [4 is of the G4103 5trustworthy G3650 1 The entire G3588   G2889 2world G3588   G5536 3of things]; G3588 but for the G1161   G571 unbelieving G3761 not G3588.2 an obolus.
  7 G3756 [3shall not G718 4suit G878 5a fool G5491 2lips G4103 1Trustworthy], G3761 nor G1342 [3to the just G5491 2lips G5571 1lying].
  8 G3408 [5wage G5484 4 is a favorable G3809 1Instruction G3588 2to the G5530 3ones employing it]; G3739 and where G1161   G302 ever G1994 it shall turn, G2137 the way shall be prosperous.
  9 G3739 The one who G2928 hides G92 offences G2212 seeks G5373 friendship; G3739 but the one who G1161   G3404 detests G2928 hiding it G1339 sets apart G5384 friends G2532 and G3609 family members.
  10 G4937 [2breaks down G547 1Intimidation] G2588 the heart G5429 of the intelligent; G878 but a fool G1161   G3146 being whipped G3756 does not G143 perceive.
  11 G485 Disputes G1453 arise G3956 with every G2556 evil man; G3588 but the G1161   G2962 lord G32 [3angel G415 2an unmerciful G1599 1shall send forth] G1473 against him.
  12 G1706 [2shall fall unto G3308 1Anxiety G435 4man G3540.1 3an intelligent]; G3588 but the G1161   G878 fools G1260 shall argue G2556 evil things .
  13 G3739 The one who G591 repays G2556 evil things G473 for G18 good things, G3756 [2shall not G2795 3be moved G2556 1evil things] G1537 from out of G3588   G3624 his house. G1473  
  14 G1849 [4authority G1325 3shall give G3056 5to words G746 1 The sovereignty G1343 2of righteousness]; G4285 [5lead G1161 1but G3588   G1729.1 6to lack G4714 2faction G2532 3and G3163 4fighting].
  15 G3739 The one who G1342 [4 as just G2919 1judges G3588 2the G94 3unjust], G94 [4 as unjust G1161 1or G3588 2the G1342 3just], G169 is unclean G2532 and G947 abominable G3844 before G2316 God.
  16 G2444 Why did G5224 [2exist G5536 1riches] G878 to the fool? G2932 [5to acquire G1063   G1063 1for G4678 6wisdom G174.1 2 the heartless G3756 3will not G1410 4be able]. G3739 The one who G5308 [4high G4160 1makes G3588   G1438 2his own G3624 3house] G2212 seeks G4936.1 destruction; G3588 and the one G1161   G4645.3 being crooked G3588   G3129 to learn G1706 shall fall G1519 into G2556 evils.
  17 G1519 For G3956 all G2540 time G3588 [2the G5384 3friend G5224 1let] exist G1473 to you! G80 [2 the brethren G1722 5in G318 6distresses G5539 4profitable G1510.5 1let 3be]! G3778 for this G1063   G5484 favor G1080 they were born.
  18 G435 [2man G878 1A foolish] G1948.1 claps G2532 and G2020.1 rejoices over G1438 himself, G5613 as G2532 also G3588 the one G1449.1 guaranteeing a loan G1449.2 by surety G3588   G1438 for his own G5384 friend.
  19 G5361.1 The one fond of sinning G5463 rejoices in G3163 fights;
  20 G3588 and the G1161   G4641.1 hard-hearted one G3756 does not G4876 meet with G18 good things . G435 A man G2129.2 with a changeable G1100 tongue G1706 will fall G1519 into G2556 evils;
  21 G2588 and the heart G1161   G878 of a fool G3601 is grief G3588 to G2932 its possessor. G1473   G3756 [2is not G2165 3glad G3962 1A father] G1909 over G5207 [2son G521 1an uninstructed]; G5207 [3son G1161 1but G5429 2an intelligent] G2165 gladdens G3384 his mother. G1473  
  22 G2588 A heart G2165 being glad G2107.2 [2to be in good health G4160 1makes]; G435 [3man G1161 1but G3077.1 2a distressed] G3583 dries G3588 the G3747 bones.
  23 G2983 One receiving G1435 gifts G1722 in G2859 enfolded arms G95 unjustly G3756 does not greatly prosper G2720.1   G3588 in the G3598 ways; G765 and an impious man G1161   G1578 turns aside G3598 the ways G1343 of righteousness.
  24 G4383 The countenance G4908 [3 is discerning G435 2man G4680 1of a wise]; G3588 but the G1161   G3788 eyes G3588 of the G878 fool G1909 are unto G206.1 the uttermost parts G1093 of the earth.
  25 G3709 [3 is anger G3962 4to a father G5207 2son G878 1A foolish], G2532 and G3601 grief G3588 to the G5088 one birthing G1473 him.
  26 G2210 To penalize G435 [2man G1342 1a just] G3756 is not G2570 good; G3761 nor G3741 is it sacred G1916.2 to plot against G1413 [2monarchs G1342 1just].
  27 G3739 The one G5339 sparing G4487 [3word G4290.2 1to let go G4642 2a hard] G1921.2 is an arbitrator; G3115.1 and a lenient G1161   G435 man G5429 is intelligent.
  28 G453 To an unthinking man G1905 asking, G4678 wisdom G3049 shall be imputed; G1769 [3dumb man G1161 1and G5100 2any G1438 5for himself G4160 4doing] G1380 shall seem G5429 to be intelligent. G1510.1