G2902 κρατέω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to be strong, mighty, powerful
I lay hold of, obtain
I am strong, mighty, hence: I rule, am master, prevail; I obtain, take hold of; I hold, hold fast.
to use strength, i.e. seize or retain (literally or figuratively)
Derivation: from G2904;

KJV Usage: hold (by, fast), keep, lay hand (hold) on, obtain, retain, take (by).

1) to have power, be powerful
1a) to be chief, be master of, to rule
2) to get possession of
2a) to become master of, to obtain
2b) to take hold of
2c) to take hold of, take, seize
2c1) to lay hands on one in order to get him into one's power
3) to hold
3a) to hold in the hand
3b) to hold fast, i.e. not discard or let go
3b1) to keep carefully and faithfully
3c) to continue to hold, to retain
3c1) of death continuing to hold one
3c2) to hold in check, restrain

From G2904; to use strength, that is, seize or retain (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: hold (by, fast), keep, lay hand (hold) on, obtain, retain, take (by).

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

krateo H157 ahev
krateo H270 achaz qal.,pi.
krateo * H280 achidah
krateo * H553 amats pi.
krateo H602 anaq
krateo H935 bo
krateo H2388 chazaq hi,qal,pi
krateo H3533 kavash ni.
krateo H3803 katar hi.
krateo H3920 lakhad
krateo H4427 malakh
krateo H4911 mashal
krateo H5656 avodah
krateo H6113 atsar
krateo H6965 qum hi.
krateo H8199 shaphat
krateo H8610 taphas
krateo H8627 teqan hoph.