H4911 משׁל - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Denominative from H4912; to liken, that is, (transitively) to use figurative language (an allegory, adage, song or the like); intransitively to resemble

KJV Usage: be (-come) like, compare, use (as a) proverb, speak (in proverbs), utter.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. to represent, liken, be like
a. (Niphal) to liken, be like, be similar
b. (Hiphil) to compare
c. (Hithpael) to become like
2. to speak in a proverb, use a proverb, speak in parables, speak in sentences of poetry
a. (Qal) to use a proverb, speak a parable or proverb
b. (Piel) to make a parable
1. maker of parables (participle)
Origin: denominative from H4912
TWOT: 1258,1258b
Parts of Speech: Verb

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15 occurrences of H4911 משׁל

Numbers 21:27
Job 30:19
Psalms 28:1
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Isaiah 14:10
Isaiah 46:5
Ezekiel 12:23
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Corresponding Greek Words

mashal G757 archo
mashal G758 archon
mashal G935 basileus
mashal G1203 despotes
mashal G1413 dunastes
mashal G1850 exousiazo
mashal G2233 hegeomai
mashal G2296 thaumazo
mashal G2355 threnos
mashal G2470 isos
mashal G2901 krataioo
mashal G2902 krateo
mashal G2961 kurieuo
mashal G2962 kurios
mashal G3850 parabole
mashal G3942 paroimia
mashal hi. G2525 kath istemi
mashal hi. G5293 hupo tasso
mashal ni. G3666 homoioo
mashal qal,hi G2634 kata kurieuo
mashal qal,pi G3004 lego