Luke 16

  1 G3004 And he said G1161   G2532 also G4314 to G3588   G3101 his disciples, G1473   G444 A certain man G5100   G1510.7.3 was G4145 rich, G3739 who G2192 had G3623 a manager; G2532 and G3778 this one G1225 was accused G1473 by him G5613 as G1287 wasting G3588   G5224 his possessions. G1473  
  2 G2532 And G5455 having called G1473 him, G2036 he said G1473 to him, G5100 What G3778 is this G191 I hear G4012 concerning G1473 you? G591 Render G3588   G3056 a reckoning G3588   G3622 of your management; G3756 [3not G1063 1for G1410 2you are] able G2089 any more G3621 to manage.
  3 G2036 [4said G1161 1And G1722 5to G1438 6himself G3588 2the G3623 3manager], G5100 What G4160 shall I do, G3754 for G3588   G2962 my master G1473   G851 removes G3588 the G3622 management G575 from G1473 me? G4626 [4to dig G3756 1I am not G2480 2strong 3enough]; G1871 to beg G153 I am ashamed.
  4 G1097 I know G5100 what G4160 I shall do G2443 that G3752 whenever G3179 [3should be changed over G3588 1the G3622 2management], G1209 that they shall receive G1473 me G1519 into G3588   G3624 their houses. G1473  
  5 G2532 And G4341 calling on G1520 [2one G1538 1each] G3588 of the G5533 debtors G3588   G2962 of his master, G1438   G3004 he said G3588 to the G4413 first, G4214 How much G3784 do you owe G3588   G2962 my master? G1473  
  6 G3588 And G1161   G2036 he said, G1540 A hundred G943 baths G1637 of olive oil. G2532 And G2036 he said G1473 to him, G1209 Take G1473 your G3588   G1121 invoice, G2532 and G2523 sitting, G5030 quickly G1125 write G4004 fifty!
  7 G1899 Thereupon G2087 to another G2036 he said, G1473 And you, G1161   G4214 how much G3784 do you owe? G3588 And G1161   G2036 he said, G1540 A hundred G2884 cors G4621 of grain. G2532 And G3004 he says G1473 to him, G1209 You take G1473   G3588 the G1121 invoice, G2532 and G1125 write G3589 eighty!
  8 G2532 And G1867 [3praised G3588 1the G2962 2master] G3588 the G3623 [2manager G3588   G93 1unrighteous] G3754 for G5430 [2with practicality G4160 1he acted]. G3754 For G3588 the G5207 sons G3588   G165 of this eon G3778   G5429 are more practical G5228 than G3588 the G5207 sons G3588 of the G5457 light G1519 [2in G3588   G1074 4generation G3588   G1438 3their own G1510.2.6 1are].
  9 G2504 And I G1473 say to you, G3004   G4160 Make G1438 to yourselves G5384 friends G1537 from out of G3588 the G3126 mammon G3588 of the G93 unrighteous, G2443 that G3752 whenever G1587 you fail, G1209 they should receive G1473 you G1519 into G3588 the G166 eternal G4633 tents.
  10 G3588 The one G4103 trustworthy G1722 in G1646 the least G2532 also G1722 in G4183 much G4103 is trustworthy; G1510.2.3   G2532 and G3588 the one G1722 [2in G1646 3 the least G94 1unjust] G2532 also G1722 [2in G4183 3much G94 1is unjust]. G1510.2.3  
  11 G1487 If G3767 then G1722 in G3588 the G94 unjust G3126 mammon G4103 [2trustworthy G3756 1you were not], G1096   G3588 [4the G228 5true G5100 1who G1473 3to you G4100 2will trust]?
  12 G2532 And G1487 if G1722 in G3588 that which is G245 a stranger's G4103 [2trustworthy G3756 1you were not], G1096   G3588   G5212 [4your own G5100 1who G1473 3to you G1325 2will give]?
  13 G3762 No G3610 servant G1410 is able G1417 [2two G2962 3masters G1398 1to serve]; G2228 for either G1063   G3588 the G1520 one G3404 he will detest, G2532 and G3588 the G2087 other G25 he will love; G2228 or G1520 one G472 he will hold to, G2532 and G3588 the G2087 other G2706 disdain. G3756 You are not G1410 able G2316 [2God G1398 1to serve] G2532 and G3126 mammon.
  14 G191 [6heard G1161 1And G3778 7all these things G3956   G2532   G3588 2the G* 3Pharisees G5366 5fond of money G5224 4being], G2532 and G1592 they derided G1473 him.
  15 G2532 And G2036 he said G1473 to them, G1473 You G1510.2.5 are G3588 the ones G1344 justifying G1438 yourselves G1799 before G3588   G444 men, G3588   G1161 but G2316 God G1097 knows G3588   G2588 your hearts. G1473   G3754 For G3588 the G1722 [2in G444 3men G5308 1lofty thing] G946 [2an abomination G1799 3before G3588   G2316 4God G1510.2.3 1is].
  16 G3588 The G3551 law G2532 and G3588 the G4396 prophets were G2193 until G* John. G575 From G5119 then G3588 the G932 kingdom G3588   G2316 of God G2097 is announced as good news, G2532 and G3956 every one G1519 [2into G1473 3it G971 1forces].
  17 G2123 But easier G1161   G1510.2.3 it is G3588 for the G3772 heaven G2532 and G3588 the G1093 earth G3928 to pass away, G2228 than G3588 [4of the G3551 5law G1520 1 for one G2762 2dot G4098 3to fall].
  18 G3956 Every one G3588   G630 divorcing G3588   G1135 his wife, G1473   G2532 and G1060 marrying G2087 another, G3431 commits adultery; G2532 and G3956 every one G3588   G630 [2one being divorced G575 3from G435 4a husband G1060 1marrying], G3431 commits adultery.
  19 G444 [3man G1161 1And G5100 2a certain] G1510.7.3 was G4145 rich, G2532 and G1737 dressed in G4209 purple G2532 and G1040 linen, G2165 being merry G2596 daily G2250   G2988 and glowing.
  20 G4434 [4poor man G1161 1And G5100 3a certain G1510.7.3 2there was], G3686 by name G* Lazarus, G3739 who G906 was laid G4314 at G3588   G4440 his gatehouse, G1473   G1669 one having sores,
  21 G2532 and G1937 desiring G5526 to be filled G575 from G3588 the G5589 crumbs G3588 of the ones G4098 falling G575 from G3588 the G5132 table G3588 of the G4145 rich man. G235 And G2532 also G3588 the G2965 dogs G2064 coming G621 licked G3588   G1668 his sores. G1473  
  22 G1096 And it came to pass for G1161   G599 [3to die G3588 1the G4434 2poor man], G2532 and G667 for him to be carried G1473   G5259 by G3588 the G32 angels G1519 into G3588 the G2859 bosom G3588   G* of Abraham. G599 And [4died G1161   G2532 3also G3588 1the G4145 2rich man], G2532 and G2290 was buried.
  23 G2532 And G1722 in G3588   G86 Hades G1869 having lifted up G3588   G3788 his eyes G1473   G5224 being G1722 in G931 torment, G3708 he sees G3588   G* Abraham G575 from G3113 far off, G2532 and G* Lazarus G1722 in G3588   G2859 his enfolded arms. G1473  
  24 G2532 And G1473 he G5455 speaking out loud, G2036 said, G3962 O father G* Abraham, G1653 show mercy G1473 on me, G2532 and G3992 send forth G* Lazarus G2443 that G911 he should dip G3588 the G206 tip G3588   G1147 of his finger G1473   G5204 in water, G2532 and G2711 should cool G3588   G1100 my tongue; G1473   G3754 for G3600 I grieve G1722 in G3588   G5395 this flame. G3778  
  25 G2036 [3said G1161 1And G* 2Abraham], G5043 Son, G3403 remember G3754 that G618 you accepted G1473   G3588 the G18 good things G1473 of yours G1722 in G3588   G2222 your life, G1473   G2532 and G* Lazarus G3668 in like manner G3588 the G2556 bad. G3568 But now G1161   G3592 thus G3870 he is comforted, G1473 but you G1161   G3600 grieve.
  26 G2532 And G1909 upon G3956 all G3778 these things, G3342 between G1473 us G2532 and G1473 you G5490 [2chasm G3173 1 is a great] G4741 firmly fixed; G3704 so that G3588 the ones G2309 wanting G1224 to pass over G1759.3 on this side G4314 to G1473 you G3361 are not G1410 able, G3366 nor G3588 the ones G1564 from there G4314 to G1473 us G1276 should pass through.
  27 G2036 And he said, G1161   G2065 I ask G3767 then G1473 you, G3962 O father, G2443 that G3992 you should send him forth G1473   G1519 unto G3588 the G3624 house G3588   G3962 of my father. G1473  
  28 G2192 For I have G1063   G4002 five G80 brothers, G3704 so that G1263 he should testify G1473 to them, G2443 that G3361 [3not G2532 4also G1473 1they G2064 2should] come G1519 unto G3588   G5117 this place G3778   G3588   G931 of torment.
  29 G3004 [3says G1473 1And G* 2Abraham], G2192 They have G* Moses G2532 and G3588 the G4396 prophets, G191 let them hear G1473 them!
  30 G3588 But G1161   G2036 he said, G3780 No, G3962 O father G* Abraham; G235 but G1437 if G5100 one G575 from G3498 the dead G4198 should go G4314 to G1473 them, G3340 they shall repent.
  31 G2036 And he said G1161   G1473 to him, G1487 If G* Moses G2532 and G3588 the G4396 prophets G3756 they did not G191 hear, G3761 not even G1437 if G5100 one G1537 from G3498 the dead G450 should rise up G3982 will they be yielded.