Genesis 25

  1 H3254 [H8686] Then again H85 Abraham H3947 [H8799] took H802 a wife H8034 , and her name H6989 was Keturah.
  2 H3205 [H8799] And she bore H2175 him Zimran H3370 , and Jokshan H4091 , and Medan H4080 , and Midian H3435 , and Ishbak H7744 , and Shuah.
  3 H3370 And Jokshan H3205 [H8804] begat H7614 Sheba H1719 , and Dedan H1121 . And the sons H1719 of Dedan H805 were Asshurim H3912 , and Letushim H3817 , and Leummim.
  4 H1121 And the sons H4080 of Midian H5891 ; Ephah H6081 , and Epher H2585 , and Hanoch H28 , and Abida H420 , and Eldaah H1121 . All these were the children H6989 of Keturah.
  5 H85 And Abraham H5414 [H8799] gave H3327 all that he had to Isaac.
  6 H1121 But to the sons H6370 of the concubines H85 , which Abraham H85 had, Abraham H5414 [H8804] gave H4979 gifts H7971 [H8762] , and sent them away H3327 from Isaac H1121 his son H2416 , while he yet lived H6924 , eastward H6924 , to the east H776 country.
  7 H3117 And these are the days H8141 of the years H85 of Abraham's H2416 life H2425 [H8804] which he lived H3967 H8141 , an hundred H7657 H8141 and seventy H2568 and five H8141 years.
  8 H85 Then Abraham H1478 [H8799] gave up the ghost H4191 [H8799] , and died H2896 in a good H7872 old age H2205 , an old man H7649 , and full H622 [H8735] of years; and was gathered H5971 to his people.
  9 H1121 And his sons H3327 Isaac H3458 and Ishmael H6912 [H8799] buried H4631 him in the cave H4375 of Machpelah H7704 , in the field H6085 of Ephron H1121 the son H6714 of Zohar H2850 the Hittite H6440 , which is before H4471 Mamre;
  10 H7704 The field H85 which Abraham H7069 [H8804] purchased H1121 of the sons H2845 of Heth H85 : there was Abraham H6912 [H8795] buried H8283 , and Sarah H802 his wife.
  11 H310 And it came to pass after H4194 the death H85 of Abraham H430 , that God H1288 [H8762] blessed H1121 his son H3327 Isaac H3327 ; and Isaac H3427 [H8799] dwelt H5973 by H883 the well Lahairoi.
  12 H8435 Now these are the generations H3458 of Ishmael H85 , Abraham's H1121 son H1904 , whom Hagar H4713 the Egyptian H8283 , Sarah's H8198 handmaid H3205 [H8804] , bore H85 to Abraham:
  13 H8034 And these are the names H1121 of the sons H3458 of Ishmael H8034 , by their names H8435 , according to their generations H1060 : the firstborn H3458 of Ishmael H5032 , Nebajoth H6938 ; and Kedar H110 , and Adbeel H4017 , and Mibsam,
  14 H4927 And Mishma H1746 , and Dumah H4854 , and Massa,
  15 H2316 Hadar H8485 , and Tema H3195 , Jetur H5305 , Naphish H6929 , and Kedemah:
  16 H1121 These are the sons H3458 of Ishmael H8034 , and these are their names H2691 , by their towns H2918 , and by their castles H8147 H6240 ; twelve H5387 princes H523 according to their nations.
  17 H8141 And these are the years H2416 of the life H3458 of Ishmael H3967 H8141 , an hundred H7970 H8141 and thirty H7651 and seven H8141 years H1478 [H8799] : and he gave up the ghost H4191 [H8799] and died H622 [H8735] ; and was gathered H5971 to his people.
  18 H7931 [H8799] And they dwelt H2341 from Havilah H7793 to Shur H6440 , that is before H4714 Egypt H935 [H8800] , as thou goest H804 toward Assyria H5307 [H8804] : and he died H6440 in the presence H251 of all his brethren.
  19 H8435 And these are the generations H3327 of Isaac H85 , Abraham's H1121 son H85 : Abraham H3205 [H8689] begat H3327 Isaac:
  20 H3327 And Isaac H705 was forty H8141 years H1121 old H3947 [H8800] when he took H7259 Rebekah H802 for a wife H1323 , the daughter H1328 of Bethuel H761 the Syrian H6307 of Padanaram H269 , the sister H3837 to Laban H761 the Syrian.
  21 H3327 And Isaac H6279 [H8799] entreated H3068 the LORD H5227 for H802 his wife H6135 , because she was barren H3068 : and the LORD H6279 [H8735] was entreated H7259 of him, and Rebekah H802 his wife H2029 [H8799] conceived.
  22 H1121 And the children H7533 [H8704] struggled together H7130 within her H559 [H8799] ; and she said H2088 , If it is so, why am I thus H3212 [H8799] ? And she went H1875 [H8800] to enquire H3068 of the LORD.
  23 H3068 And the LORD H559 [H8799] said H8147 to her, Two H1471 nations H990 are in thy womb H8147 , and two manner H3816 of people H6504 H4578 [H8735] shall be born of thee H3816 ; and the one people H553 [H8799] shall be stronger H3816 than the other people H7227 ; and the elder H5647 [H8799] shall serve H6810 the younger.
  24 H3117 And when her days H3205 [H8800] to be delivered H4390 [H8799] were fulfilled H8380 , behold, there were twins H990 in her womb.
  25 H7223 And the first H3318 [H8799] was born H132 red H8181 , all over like an hairy H155 garment H7121 [H8799] ; and they called H8034 his name H6215 Esau.
  26 H310 And after H251 that his brother H3318 [H8804] was born H3027 , and his hand H270 [H8802] took hold H6215 on Esau's H6119 heel H8034 ; and his name H7121 [H8799] was called H3290 Jacob H3327 : and Isaac H8346 was sixty H8141 years H1121 old H3205 [H8800] when she bore them.
  27 H5288 And the boys H1431 [H8799] grew H6215 : and Esau H3045 [H8802] was a skilful H6718 hunter H376 , a man H7704 of the field H3290 ; and Jacob H8535 was a plain H376 man H3427 [H8802] , dwelling H168 in tents.
  28 H3327 And Isaac H157 [H8799] loved H6215 Esau H6310 , because he ate H6718 of his venison H7259 : but Rebekah H157 [H8802] loved H3290 Jacob.
  29 H3290 And Jacob H2102 [H8686] boiled H5138 pottage H6215 : and Esau H935 [H8799] came H7704 from the field H5889 , and he was faint:
  30 H6215 And Esau H559 [H8799] said H3290 to Jacob H3938 [H8685] , Feed H4480 me, I pray thee, with H122 that same H122 red H5889 pottage; for I am faint H8034 : therefore was his name H7121 [H8804] called H123 Edom.
  31 H3290 And Jacob H559 [H8799] said H4376 [H8798] , Sell H3117 to me this day H1062 thy birthright.
  32 H6215 And Esau H559 [H8799] said H1980 [H8802] , Behold, I am at the point H4191 [H8800] to die H1062 : and what profit shall this birthright bring to me?
  33 H3290 And Jacob H559 [H8799] said H7650 [H8734] , Swear H3117 to me this day H7650 [H8735] ; and he swore H4376 [H8799] to him: and he sold H1062 his birthright H3290 to Jacob.
  34 H3290 Then Jacob H5414 [H8804] gave H6215 Esau H3899 bread H5138 and pottage H5742 of lentiles H398 [H8799] ; and he ate H8354 [H8799] and drank H6965 [H8799] , and rose H3212 [H8799] , and went his way H6215 : thus Esau H959 [H8799] despised H1062 his birthright.