Job 8

  1 H1085 Then Bildad H7747 the Shuhite H6030 answered,
  2 H575 "How H5704 long H4448 will you speak H561 these things? Shall the words H6310 of your mouth H3524 be a mighty H7307 wind?
  3 H410 Does God H5791 pervert H4941 justice? H7706 Or does the Almighty H5791 pervert H6664 righteousness?
  4 H1121 If your children H2398 have sinned H7971 against him, He has delivered them into the hand H3027 of H6588 their disobedience.
  5 H7836 If you want to seek H410 God H7836 diligently, H2603 make your supplication H7706 to the Almighty.
  6 H2134 If you were pure H3477 and upright, H5782 surely now he would awaken H5116 for you, and make the habitation H6664 of your righteousness H7999 prosperous.
  7 H7225 Though your beginning H4705 was small, H319 yet your latter end H3966 would greatly H7685 increase.
  8 H7592 "Please inquire H7223 of past H1755 generations. H3559 Find H2714 out about the learning H1 of their fathers.
  9 H8543 (For we are but of yesterday, H3045 and know H3117 nothing, because our days H776 on earth H6738 are a shadow.)
  10 H3384 Shall they not teach H559 you, tell H3318 you, and utter H4405 words H3820 out of their heart?
  11 H1573 "Can the papyrus H1342 grow up H1207 without mire? H7685 Can H260 the rushes H7685 grow H1097 without H4325 water?
  12 H3 While it is yet in its greenness, H6998 not cut down, H3001 it withers H6440 before H2682 any other reed.
  13 H734 So are the paths H7911 of all who forget H410 God. H8615 The hope H2611 of the godless H6 man shall perish,
  14 H3689 Whose confidence H6990 shall break apart, H4009 Whose trust H5908 is a spider's H1004 web.
  15 H8172 He shall lean H1004 on his house, H5975 but it shall not stand. H2388 He shall cling H6965 to it, but it shall not endure.
  16 H7373 He is green H6440 before H8121 the sun. H3127 His shoots H3318 go forth H1593 over his garden.
  17 H8328 His roots H5440 are wrapped around H1530 the rock pile. H2372 He sees H1004 the place H68 of stones.
  18 H1104 If he is destroyed H4725 from his place, H3584 then it shall deny H7200 him, saying, ‘I have not seen you.'
  19 H4885 Behold, this is the joy H1870 of his way: H6083 out of the earth, H312 others H6779 shall spring.
  20 H410 "Behold, God H3988 will not cast away H8535 a blameless H2388 man, neither will he uphold H7489 the evildoers.
  21 H4390 He will still fill H6310 your mouth H7814 with laughter, H8193 your lips H8643 with shouting.
  22 H8130 Those who hate H3847 you shall be clothed H1322 with shame. H168 The tent H7563 of the wicked H369 shall be no more."