Job 8

Matthew(i) 1 Then answered Baldad the Suhyte, and sayd: 2 How long wilt thou talke of such thynges? how longe shall thy mouth speake so proude words? 3 Doth God peruerte the thynge that is laufull? Or doth the Almyghtye destroye the thynge that is ryght? 4 When thy sonnes synned agaynst hym, dyd not he punish them for theyr wyckednesse? 5 If thou woldest now resorte vnto God by tymes, & make thyne humble prayer to the Almyghtye: 6 yf thou woldest lyue a pure and a godly lyfe: shulde he not wake vp vnto the immediatly, & geue the, the bewtie of rightuousnesse agayne? 7 In so moch, that where in soeuer thou haddest lytle afore, thou shuldest now haue greate aboundaunce. 8 Enquere of them that haue bene bofore the, search dylygently amonge thy forefathers: 9 Namelye, that we are but of yester daye, and consydre not, that oure dayes vpon earth are but a very shadowe. 10 They shall shewe the, they shall tell the, ye they wyll gladly confesse the same. 11 Maye a rysshe be grene wythout moystnesse? maye the grasse growe wythout water? 12 No: but (or euer it be shot forth, and or euer it be gathered) it withereth, before eny other herbe. 13 Euen so goeth it with all them, that forget God: and euen thus also shall the ypocrytes hope come to naught. 14 His confydence shalbe destroyed, for he trusteth in a spyders webbe. 15 He leaneth hym vpon hys house, but he shal not stande: he holdeth hym fast by it, yet shall he not endure. 16 Oft tyme a thynge doth floryshe, and men thynke that it maye abyde the Sonne shynynge: it shuteth forth the braunches in hys garden, 17 it taketh many rotes, in so moche that it is lyke an house of stones. 18 But yf it be taken out of hys place, euery man denyeth it, saying: I knowe the not. 19 Lo, thus is it wt him, that reioyseth in hys owne doynges: and as for other, they growe oute of the earth. 20 Beholde, God wyll not cast awaye a vertuous man, nether wyl he helpe the vngodly. 21 Thy mouth shall he fyll with laugynge, and thy lyppes wyth gladnesse. 22 Thy that hate the, shalbe confounded, and the dwellynges of the vngodly shall come to naught.