Job 8

Thomson(i) 1 Here Baldad the Sauchean interposing said, 2 How long wilt thou speak such things? The breath of thy mouth is profuse of words. 3 Will the Lord in judging pass an unrighteous judgment? Or will he who made all things pervert justice? 4 If thy children have sinned in his sight, he hath dismissed them for their transgression: 5 But rise thou betimes and supplicate the Lord Almighty. 6 If thou art pure and upright, he will hear thy prayer; and render to thee the reward of righteousness. 7 Let thy beginning therefore be ever so small, thy end will be unspeakably great. 8 For inquire of the former generation; and search diligently among the race of fathers; 9 [for we are but of yesterday and know nothing; for our life on the earth is but a shadow] 10 will not they teach thee, and declare; and from the heart utter these maxims: 11 Can the papyrus grow without water? 12 Or can grass grow rank without drink? While grass is low it should not be mown. Before drinking doth not every herb wither? 13 Such therefore shall be the end of all who forget the Lord: for the hope of the ungodly shall perish. 14 For his house shall be uninhabited: and his tent shall fly away like a spider's web. 15 Though he prop up his house, it cannot stand: Though he take hold of it, it will not abide, 16 for is he somewhat green underneath the sun? Though a tender branch may start up from his rottenness; his bed is on a heap of stones: 17 and can he live among flint stones? 18 Should he wish to drink, the place will disappoint him. Hast thou not seen such things; that such is the catastrophe of the wicked? 19 But out of the ground he will cause another to spring up: 20 for the Lord will not cast off the innocent, nor from the ungodly accept a gift: 21 but he will fill the mouth of the upright with, laughter, and their lips with songs of thanksgiving: 22 and their enemies shall be clothed with shame; and the dwellings of the wicked shall come to naught.