H575 אנה אן - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

אנה אן
'ân 'ânâh
awn, aw'-naw
Contracted from H370; where ?; hence whither ?, when ?; also hither and thither

KJV Usage: + any (no) whither, now, where, whither (-soever).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

אנה אן

1. where?, whither? (of place)
2. when?, until when?, how long? (of time)
Origin: contracted from H370
TWOT: 75g
Parts of Speech: Adverb

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8 occurrences of H575 אנה אן

Genesis 37:30
1 Samuel 10:14
1 Kings 2:36
1 Kings 2:42
2 Kings 5:25
2 Kings 6:6
Job 8:2
Ezekiel 21:16

Corresponding Greek Words

an G1188 dexios