G4816 συλλέγω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to collect, gather
I collect, gather.
to collect
Derivation: from G4862 and G3004 in its original sense;

KJV Usage: gather (together, up).

G4862 G3004
1) to gather up
2) to collect in order to carry off

From G4862 and G3004 in its original sense; to collect

KJV Usage: gather (together, up).

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9 occurrences of G4816 συλλέγω

Matthew 7:16 Do men gather
Matthew 13:28 and gather
Matthew 13:28 up?
Matthew 13:29 while ye gather up
Matthew 13:30 Gather ye together
Matthew 13:40 are gathered
Matthew 13:41 they shall gather
Matthew 13:48 and gathered
Luke 6:44 gather

Distinct usage

1 Do men gather
1 and gather
1 up?
1 while ye gather up
1 Gather ye together
1 are gathered
1 they shall gather
1 and gathered
1 gather

Corresponding Hebrew Words

sul lego H622 asaph
sul lego H3947 laqach
sul lego H3950 laqat qal,pi,hithp
sul lego H6014 amar pi.
sul lego H6998 qataph
sul lego H7197 qashash po.