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Jeremiah 8:2 (KJV_Strongs)
  2 H7849 And they shall spread [H8804]   H8121 them before the sun H3394 , and the moon H6635 , and all the host H8064 of heaven H157 , whom they have loved [H8804]   H5647 , and whom they have served [H8804]   H310 , and after H1980 whom they have walked [H8804]   H1875 , and whom they have sought [H8804]   H7812 , and whom they have worshipped [H8694]   H622 : they shall not be gathered [H8735]   H6912 , nor be buried [H8735]   H1828 ; they shall be for dung H6440 upon the face H127 of the earth.