Leviticus 6

  1 H3068 And the LORD H1696 [H8762] spoke H4872 to Moses, H559 [H8800] saying,
  2 H5315 If a breath H2398 [H8799] shall sin, H4603 [H8804] and commit H4604 a treachery H3068 against the LORD, H3584 [H8765] and lie H5997 to his neighbour H6487 in that which was delivered H8667 H3027 him to keep, or in fellowship, H1498 or in a thing taken away by robbery, H6231 [H8804] or hath deceived H5997 his neighbour;
  3 H4672 [H8804] Or hath found H9 that which was lost, H3584 [H8765] and lieth H7650 [H8738] concerning it, and sweareth H8267 falsely; H259 in any H120 of all these that a man H6213 [H8799] doeth, H2398 [H8800] sinning H2007 in it:
  4 H2398 [H8799] Then it shall be, because he hath sinned, H816 [H8804] and is guilty, H7725 [H8689] that he shall restore H1500 plunder H1497 [H8804] which he took by force, H6233 or the thing H6231 [H8804] which he obtained by deceit, H6487 H853 or that which was delivered H6485 [H8717] him to keep, H9 or the lost thing H4672 [H8804] which he found,
  5 H7650 [H8735] Or all that about which he hath sworn H8267 falsely; H7999 [H8765] he shall even restore H7218 it in the principal, H3254 0 and shall add H2549 to it the fifth part H3254 [H8686] more, H5414 [H8799] and give H3117 it to him to whom it appertaineth, in the day H819 of his guilt offering.
  6 H935 [H8686] And he shall bring H817 his guilt offering H3068 to the LORD, H352 a ram H8549 without blemish H6629 out of the flock, H6187 with thy estimation, H817 for a guilt offering, H3548 to the priest:
  7 H3548 And the priest H3722 [H8765] shall make an atonement H6440 for him at the face of H3068 the LORD: H5545 [H8738] and it shall be forgiven H259 him for any thing H6213 [H8799] of all that he hath done H819 in being guilty in it.
  8 H3068 And the LORD H1696 [H8762] spoke H4872 to Moses, H559 [H8800] saying,
  9 H6680 [H8761] Command H175 Aaron H1121 and his sons, H559 [H8800] saying, H8451 This is the law H5930 of the burnt offering: H5930 It is the burnt offering, H4169 because of the burning H4196 upon the altar H3915 all night H1242 until the morning, H784 and the fire H4196 of the altar H3344 [H8714] shall be burning in it.
  10 H3548 And the priest H3847 [H8804] shall put H906 on his linen H4055 garment, H906 and his linen H4370 breeches H3847 [H8799] shall he put H1320 upon his flesh, H7311 [H8689] and take up H1880 the ashes H784 which the fire H398 [H8799] hath consumed H5930 with the burnt offering H4196 on the altar, H7760 [H8804] and he shall put H681 them beside H4196 the altar.
  11 H6584 [H8804] And he shall put off H899 his garments, H3847 [H8804] and put on H312 other H899 garments, H3318 [H8689] and carry forth H1880 the ashes H2351 outside H4264 the camp H2889 to a clean H4725 place.
  12 H784 And the fire H4196 upon the altar H3344 [H8714] shall be burning H3518 [H8799] on it; it shall not be put out: H3548 and the priest H1197 [H8765] shall burn H6086 wood H1242 on it every morning, H5930 and lay the burnt offering H6186 [H8804] in order H6999 [H8689] upon it; and he shall burn H2459 on it the fat H8002 of the peace offerings.
  13 H784 The fire H8548 shall ever H3344 [H8714] be burning H4196 upon the altar; H3518 [H8799] it shall never go out.
  14 H8451 And this is the law H4503 of the meat offering: H1121 the sons H175 of Aaron H7126 [H8685] shall offer H6440 it at the face of H3068 the LORD, H6440 at the face of H4196 the altar.
  15 H7311 [H8689] And he shall take H7062 of it his handful, H5560 of the flour H4503 of the meat offering, H8081 and of its oil, H3828 and all the frankincense H4503 which is upon the meat offering, H6999 [H8689] and shall burn H4196 it upon the altar H5207 for a sweet H7381 savour, H234 even the memorial H3068 of it, to the LORD.
  16 H3498 [H8737] And the remainder H175 of it shall Aaron H1121 and his sons H398 [H8799] eat: H4682 with unleavened bread H398 [H8735] shall it be eaten H6918 in the holy H4725 place; H2691 in the court H168 of the tent H4150 of meeting H398 [H8799] they shall eat it.
  17 H644 [H8735] It shall not be baked H2557 with leaven. H5414 [H8804] I have given H2506 it to them for their portion H801 of my offerings made by fire; H6944 it is most H6944 holy, H2403 as is the sin offering, H817 and as the guilt offering.
  18 H2145 All the males H1121 among the sons H175 of Aaron H398 [H8799] shall eat H2706 of it. It shall be a statute H5769 to the age H1755 in your generations H801 0 concerning the offerings H3068 of the LORD H801 made by fire: H5060 [H8799] every one that toucheth H6942 [H8799] them shall be holy.
  19 H3068 And the LORD H1696 [H8762] spoke H4872 to Moses, H559 [H8800] saying,
  20 H7133 This is the offering H175 of Aaron H1121 and of his sons, H7126 [H8686] which they shall offer H3068 to the LORD H3117 in the day H4886 [H8736] when he is anointed; H6224 the tenth part H374 of an ephah H5560 of fine flour H4503 for a meat offering H8548 perpetual, H4276 half H1242 of it in the morning, H4276 and half H6153 of it at night.
  21 H4227 In a pan H6213 [H8735] it shall be made H8081 with oil; H7246 [H8716] and when it is baked, H935 [H8686] thou shalt bring H8601 it in: and the baked H6595 pieces H4503 of the meat offering H7126 [H8686] shalt thou offer H5207 for a sweet H7381 savour H3068 to the LORD.
  22 H3548 And the priest H1121 of his sons H4899 that is anointed H6213 [H8799] in his stead shall offer H2706 it: it is a statute H5769 to the age H3068 to the LORD; H3632 it shall be wholly H6999 [H8714] burnt.
  23 H4503 For every meat offering H3548 for the priest H3632 shall be wholly burnt: H398 [H8735] it shall not be eaten.
  24 H3068 And the LORD H1696 [H8762] spoke H4872 to Moses, H559 [H8800] saying,
  25 H1696 [H8761] Speak H175 to Aaron H1121 and to his sons, H559 [H8800] saying, H8451 This is the law H2403 of the sin offering: H4725 In the place H5930 where the burnt offering H7819 [H8735] is killed H2403 shall the sin offering H7819 [H8735] be killed H6440 at the face of H3068 the LORD: H6944 it is most H6944 holy.
  26 H3548 The priest H2398 [H8764] that offereth it for sin H398 [H8799] shall eat H6918 it: in the holy H4725 place H398 [H8735] shall it be eaten, H2691 in the court H168 of the tent H4150 of meeting.
  27 H5060 [H8799] Whatever shall touch H1320 the flesh H6942 [H8799] of it shall be holy: H5137 [H8799] and when there is sprinkled H1818 of its blood H899 upon any garment, H3526 [H8762] thou shalt wash H5137 [H8799] that on which it was sprinkled H6918 in the holy H4725 place.
  28 H2789 But the earthen H3627 vessel H1310 [H8792] in which it is boiled H7665 [H8735] shall be broken: H1310 [H8795] and if it shall be boiled H5178 in a brasen H3627 pot, H4838 [H8795] it shall be both scoured, H7857 [H8795] and rinsed H4325 in water.
  29 H2145 All the males H3548 among the priests H398 [H8799] shall eat H6944 of it: it is most H6944 holy.
  30 H2403 And no sin offering, H1818 of which any of the blood H935 [H8714] is brought H168 into the tent H4150 of meeting H3722 [H8763] to make atonement H6944 in the holy H398 [H8735] place, shall be eaten: H8313 [H8735] it shall be burnt H784 in the fire.