H3632 כּליל - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H3634; complete; as noun, the whole (specifically a sacrifice entirely consumed); as adverb fully

KJV Usage: all, every whit, flame, perfect (-ion), utterly, whole burnt offering (sacrifice), wholly.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

1. entire, all, perfect adv
2. entirety subst
3. whole, whole burnt offering, holocaust, entirety
Origin: from H3634
TWOT: 985b
Parts of Speech:

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15 occurrences of H3632 כּליל

Exodus 28:31
Exodus 39:22
Leviticus 6:22
Leviticus 6:23
Numbers 4:6
Deuteronomy 13:16
Deuteronomy 33:10
Judges 20:40
1 Samuel 7:9
Psalms 51:19
Isaiah 2:18
Lamentations 2:15
Ezekiel 16:14
Ezekiel 27:3
Ezekiel 28:12

Corresponding Greek Words

kalil G3646 holokautoma
kalil G3956 pas, pasa, pan
kalil G3956 pas, pasa, pan
kalil G4060 peri tithemi
kalil G4735 stephanos