Leviticus 6

Tyndale(i) 1 And the Lorde talked with Moses sayenge: 2 when a soule synneth ad trespaceth agaynst the Lorde and denyed vnto his neyghboure that which was taken him to kepe, or that was put vnder his hande, or that which he hath violently taken awaye, or that whiche he hath deceaued his neyghboure off wyth sotylte, 3 or hath founde that whiche was loste and denyeth it, and swereth falsely, in what soeuer thinge it be that a man doth and synneth therein, 4 Then when he hath synned or trespaced, he shall restore agayne that he toke violently awaye, or the wronge whiche he dyd, or that whiche was delyuered him to kepe, or the lost thinge which he founde, 5 or what soeuer it be aboute which he hath sworne falsely, he shall restore it agayne in the whole sume and shal adde the fifte parte moare thereto and geue it vnto him to whome it pertayneth, the same daye that he offereth for his trespace, 6 and shall brynge for his trespace offerynge vnto the Lorde, a ram without blymesh out of the flocke, that is estemed worth a trespaceofferynge vnto the preast. 7 And the prest shall make an atonemet for him before the Lorde, ad it shall be forgeue hi in what soeuer thinge it be that a ma doth ad trespaceth therein. 8 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saynge. 9 Commaunde Aaron and his sonnes saynge: this is the lawe of the burntoffrynge. The burntofferynge shalbe apon the herth of the alter all nyghte vnto the mornynge, and the fire of the alter shall burne therein. 10 And the preast shall put on his lynen albe and his lynen breches apon his flesh, and take awaye the asshes whiche the fire of the burntsacrifice in the altare hath made, and put them besyde the alter, 11 ad the put off his raymet ad put on other and carye the asshes out without the hoste vnto a clene place. 12 The fire that is apon the alter shall burne therein and not goo out. And the preast shall put wodd on the fire euery morninge ad put the burntsacrifice apon it, and he shall burne thereon the fatt of the peaceofferynges. 13 The fire shall euer burne apon the alter and neuer goo out. 14 This is the lawe of the meatoffrynge: Aarons sonnes shall bringe it before the Lorde, vnto the alter: 15 and one of them shall take hys handfull of the floure of the meatoffrynge ad of the oyle with all the frankencens whiche ys thereon and shall burne it vnto a remebraunce apon the alter to be a swete sauoure of the memoriall of it vnto the Lorde. 16 And the rest thereof, Aaron ad his sonnes shall eate: vnleuended it shalbe eaten in the holy place: eue in the courte of the tabernacle of witnesse they shall eate it. 17 Their parte whiche I haue geuen them of my sacrifice, shall not be baken with leuen, for it is most holye, as is the synneofferynge, and trespaceoffrynge. 18 All the males amonge the childern of Aaron, shall eate of it: and it shalbe a dutye for euer vnto youre generacyons of the sacrifices of the Lorde, nether shal any man twytche it, but he that is halowed. 19 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge: 20 this is the offrynge of Aaron ad of his sonnes which he shall offer vnto the Lorde in the daye when they are anoynted: the tenth parte of an Epha of floure, which is a dayly meatofferinge perpetually: halfe in the morninge and halfe at nighte: 21 ad in the fryenge pan it shalbe made with oyle. And whe it is fryed, thou shalt brynge it in as a baken meatofferynge mynsed small, and shalt offer it for a swete sauoure vnto the Lorde. 22 And that preast of his sonnes that is anoynted in his steade, shall offer it: ad it shall be the lordes dutye for euer, and it shalbe burnt altogether. 23 For all the meatoffrynges of the preastes shalbe burnt altogether, ad shal not be eaten. 24 And the Lorde talked with Moses sayenge: 25 speake vnto Aaron and vnto his sonnes and saye. This is the lawe of the synneoffrynge, In the place where the burntofferynge is kylled, shall the synneofferynge be kylled also before the Lorde, for it is most holy. 26 The preast that offereth it shall eate it in the holye place: eve in the courte of the tabernacle of witnesse 27 Noman shall touche the flesh thereof, saue he that is halowed. And yf any rayment be sprynckled therewyth, it shalbe wasshed in an holy place, 28 and the erthe pott that it is sodde in shalbe broken. Yf it be sodden in brasse, then the pott shalbe scoured and plunged in the water. 29 All the males amonge the childern of Aaro shall eate therof, for it is most holy. 30 Notwithstodinge no synneofferynge that hath his bloude brought in to the tabernacle of witnesse to reconcyle with all in the holy place, shalbe eaten: but shalbe burnt in the fire.