H7133 קרבּן קרבּן - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

קרבּן קרבּן
qorbân qûrbân
kor-bawn', koor-bawn'
From H7126; something brought near the altar, that is, a sacrificial present

KJV Usage: oblation, that is offered, offering.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


קרבּן קרבּן

1. offering, oblation
Origin: from H7126
TWOT: 2065e
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 82 occurrences of H7133 קרבּן קרבּן

Leviticus 1:2 an offering
Leviticus 1:2 your offering
Leviticus 1:3 If his offering
Leviticus 1:10 And if his offering
Leviticus 1:14 for his offering
Leviticus 1:14 his offering
Leviticus 2:1 offering
Leviticus 2:1 his offering
Leviticus 2:4 an oblation
Leviticus 2:5 And if thy oblation
Leviticus 2:7 And if thy oblation
Leviticus 2:12 As for the oblation
Leviticus 2:13 And every oblation
Leviticus 2:13 with all thy offerings
Leviticus 3:1 And if his oblation
Leviticus 3:2 of his offering,
Leviticus 3:6 And if his offering
Leviticus 3:7 for his offering,
Leviticus 3:8 of his offering,
Leviticus 3:12 And if his offering
Leviticus 3:14 of it his offering,
Leviticus 4:23 his offering,
Leviticus 4:28 his offering,
Leviticus 4:32 offering,
Leviticus 5:11 for his offering
Leviticus 6:20 This is the offering
Leviticus 7:13 for his offering
Leviticus 7:14 out of the whole oblation
Leviticus 7:15 that it is offered;
Leviticus 7:16 of his offering

Distinct usage

15 his offering
12 this was the offering
5 an offering
4 offering,
3 And if his offering
2 for his offering
2 an oblation
2 And if thy oblation
2 his offering,
2 for his offering
2 their offering,
2 of his offering,
2 his oblation
2 their offering
1 offering
1 As for the oblation
1 And every oblation
1 with all thy offerings
1 of it his offering,
1 This is the offering
1 out of the whole oblation
1 that it is offered;
1 of his offering
1 the offering
1 for an offering
1 and of his offering
1 And his offering
1 of the offering.
1 not the offering
1 her offering
1 your offering
1 their oblations
1 to them, My offering,
1 If his offering
1 And if his oblation
1 for his offering,
1 a sacrifice
1 every oblation
1 of their offering:

Corresponding Greek Words

qorban see G1433 st. doreo
qorban G1435 doron
qurban G2819 kleros

Related words


G2878 κορβᾱν, κορβανᾱς
κορβᾱν, κορβανᾱς
korban korbanas
kor-ban', kor-ban-as'
Of Hebrew and Chaldee origin respectively [H7133]; a votive offering and the offering; a consecrated present (to the Temple fund); by extension (the latter term) the Treasury itself, that is, the room where the contribution boxes stood

KJV Usage: Corban, treasury.

H7126 קרב qârab

A primitive root; to approach (causatively bring near) for whatever purpose

KJV Usage: (cause to) approach, (cause to) bring (forth, near), (cause to) come (near, nigh), (cause to) draw near (nigh), go (near), be at hand, join, be near, offer, present, produce, make ready, stand, take.

H7127 קרב qe rêb
qe rêb
(Chaldee); corresponding to H7126

KJV Usage: approach, come (near, nigh), draw near.

H7128 קרב qe râb
qe râb
From H7126; hostile encounter

KJV Usage: battle, war.

H7130 קרב qereb
From H7126; properly the nearest part, that is, the centre, whether literally, figuratively or adverbially (especially with preposition)

KJV Usage: X among, X before, bowels, X unto charge, + eat (up), X heart, X him, X in, inward (X -ly, part, -s, thought), midst, + out of, purtenance, X therein, X through, X within self.

H7131 קרב qârêb
From H7126; near

KJV Usage: approach, come (near, nigh), draw near.

H7132 קרבה qe râbâh
qe râbâh
From H7126; approach

KJV Usage: approaching, draw near.

H7138 קרב קרוב qârôb qârôb
קרב קרוב
qârôb qârôb
kaw-robe', kaw-robe'
From H7126; near (in place, kindred or time)

KJV Usage: allied, approach, at hand, + any of kin, kinsfolk (-sman), (that is) near (of kin), neighbour, (that is) next, (them that come) nigh (at hand), more ready, short (-ly).