1 Chronicles 13

  1 H1732 David H3289 consulted H8269 with the captains H505 of thousands H3967 and of hundreds, H5057 even with every leader.
  2 H1732 David H559 said H6951 to all the assembly H3478 of Israel, H2895 "If it seems good H3068 to you, and if it is of Yahweh H430 our God, H7971 let us send H6555 abroad H251 everywhere to our brothers H7604 who are left H776 in all the land H3478 of Israel, H3548 with whom the priests H3881 and Levites H5892 are in their cities H4054 that have suburbs, H6908 that they may gather themselves to us;
  3 H5437 and let us bring again H727 the ark H430 of our God H1875 to us. For we didn't seek H3117 it in the days H7586 of Saul."
  4 H6951 All the assembly H559 said H6213 that they would do so; H1697 for the thing H3474 was right H5869 in the eyes H5971 of all the people.
  5 H1732 So David H6950 assembled H3478 all Israel H6950 together, H7883 from the Shihor H4714 the brook of Egypt H935 even to the entrance H2574 of Hamath, H935 to bring H727 the ark H430 of God H7157 from Kiriath Jearim.
  6 H1732 David H5927 went up, H3478 and all Israel, H1173 to Baalah, H7157 that is, to Kiriath Jearim, H3063 which belonged to Judah, H5927 to bring up H727 from there the ark H430 of God H3068 Yahweh H3427 that sits H3742 above the cherubim, H7121 that is called H8034 by the Name.
  7 H7392 They carried H727 the ark H430 of God H2319 on a new H5699 cart, H1004 and brought it out of the house H41 of Abinadab: H5798 and Uzza H283 and Ahio H5090 drove H5699 the cart.
  8 H1732 David H3478 and all Israel H7832 played H6440 before H430 God H5797 with all their might, H7892 even with songs, H3658 and with harps, H5035 and with stringed instruments, H8596 and with tambourines, H4700 and with cymbals, H2689 and with trumpets.
  9 H935 When they came H1637 to the threshing H3592 floor of Chidon, H5798 Uzza H7971 put forth H3027 his hand H270 to hold H727 the ark; H1241 for the oxen H8058 stumbled.
  10 H639 The anger H3068 of Yahweh H2734 was kindled H5798 against Uzza, H5221 and he struck H7971 him, because he put H3027 forth his hand H727 to the ark; H4191 and there he died H6440 before H430 God.
  11 H1732 David H2734 was displeased, H3068 because Yahweh H6556 had broken H6555 forth H5798 on Uzza; H7121 and he called H4725 that place H5798 Perez Uzza, H3117 to this day.
  12 H1732 David H3372 was afraid H430 of God H3117 that day, H559 saying, H1963 "How H935 shall I bring H727 the ark H430 of God home to me?"
  13 H1732 So David H5493 didn't move H727 the ark H5892 to him into the city H1732 of David, H5186 but carried it aside H1004 into the house H5654 of Obed-Edom H1663 the Gittite.
  14 H727 The ark H430 of God H3427 remained H1004 with the family H5654 of Obed-Edom H1004 in his house H7969 three H2320 months: H3068 and Yahweh H1288 blessed H1004 the house H5654 of Obed-Edom, and all that he had.