H2574 חמת - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From the same as H2346; walled; Chamath, a place in Syria

KJV Usage: Hamath, Hemath.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


n pr loc Hamath = "fortress"
1. the principle city of upper Syria in the valley of the Orontes n pr m
2. father of the house of Rechab
Origin: from the same as H2346
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech:

N:N--L / N:N-M-P
Hamath = "fortress"
n pr loc
1) the principle city of upper Syria in the valley of the Orontes
n pr m
2) father of the house of Rechab

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First 30 of 37 occurrences of H2574 חמת

Numbers 13:21 to Hamath.
Numbers 34:8 of Hamath;
Joshua 13:5 into Hamath.
Judges 3:3 of Hamath.
2 Samuel 8:9 of Hamath
1 Kings 8:65 into Hamath
2 Kings 14:25 of Hamath
2 Kings 14:28 and Hamath,
2 Kings 17:24 and from Hamath,
2 Kings 17:30 of Hamath
2 Kings 18:34 of Hamath,
2 Kings 19:13 of Hamath,
2 Kings 23:33 of Hamath,
2 Kings 25:21 of Hamath.
1 Chronicles 2:55 of Hemath,
1 Chronicles 13:5 of Hemath,
1 Chronicles 18:3 to Hamath,
1 Chronicles 18:9 of Hamath
2 Chronicles 7:8 of Hamath
2 Chronicles 8:4 in Hamath.
Isaiah 10:9 is not Hamath
Isaiah 11:11 and from Hamath,
Isaiah 36:19 of Hamath
Isaiah 37:13 of Hamath,
Jeremiah 39:5 of Hamath,
Jeremiah 49:23 Hamath
Jeremiah 52:9 of Hamath;
Jeremiah 52:27 of Hamath.
Ezekiel 47:16 Hamath,
Ezekiel 47:16 of Hamath;

Distinct usage

7 of Hamath
5 of Hamath,
4 of Hamath;
4 of Hamath.
2 of Hemath,
2 to Hamath,
2 and from Hamath,
1 to Hamath.
1 into Hamath.
1 and Hamath,
1 in Hamath.
1 is not Hamath
1 Hamath,
1 Hamath.
1 ye to Hamath
1 And Hamath
1 into Hamath
1 Hamath

Related words


H2577 חמתי chămâthı̂y
Patrial from H2574; a Chamathite or native of Chamath

KJV Usage: Hamathite.

H2578 חמת צובה chămath tsôbâh
חמת צובה
chămath tsôbâh
kham-ath' tso-baw'
From H2574 and H6678; Chamath of Tsobah; Chamath Tsobah; probably the same as H2574

KJV Usage: Hamath-Zobah.

H2579 חמת רבּה chămath rabbâh
חמת רבּה
chămath rabbâh
kham-ath' rab-baw'
From H2574 and H7237; Chamath of Rabbah; Chamath Rabbah, probably the same as H2574.

H2346 חומה chômâh

Feminine active participle of an unused root apparently meaning to join; a wall of protection

KJV Usage: wall, walled.

H2524 חם châm
From the same as H2346; a father in law (as in affinity)

KJV Usage: father in law.

H2529 חמה חמאה chem'âh chêmâh
חמה חמאה
chem'âh chêmâh
khem-aw', khay-maw'
From the same root as H2346; curdled milk or cheese

KJV Usage: butter.

H2573 חמת chêmeth
From the same as H2346; a skin bottle (as tied up)

KJV Usage: bottle.