1 Chronicles 12

  1 H935 Now these are those who came H1732 to David H6860 to Ziklag, H6113 while he yet kept himself close H6440 because H7586 of Saul H1121 the son H7027 of Kish; H1368 and they were among the mighty men, H5826 his helpers H4421 in war.
  2 H5401 They were armed H7198 with bows, H3231 and could use both the right hand H8041 and the left H68 in slinging stones H2671 and in shooting arrows H7198 from the bow: H7586 they were of Saul's H251 brothers H1144 of Benjamin.
  3 H7218 The chief H295 was Ahiezer; H3101 then Joash, H1121 the sons H8094 of Shemaah H1395 the Gibeathite, H3149 and Jeziel, H6404 and Pelet, H1121 the sons H5820 of Azmaveth, H1294 and Beracah, H3058 and Jehu H6069 the Anathothite,
  4 H3460 and Ishmaiah H1393 the Gibeonite, H1368 a mighty man H7970 among the thirty, H7970 and over the thirty, H3414 and Jeremiah, H3166 and Jahaziel, H3110 and Johanan, H3107 and Jozabad H1452 the Gederathite,
  5 H498 Eluzai, H3406 and Jerimoth, H1183 and Bealiah, H8114 and Shemariah, H8203 and Shephatiah H2741 the Haruphite,
  6 H511 Elkanah, H3449 and Isshiah, H5832 and Azarel, H3134 and Joezer, H3434 and Jashobeam, H7145 the Korahites,
  7 H3132 and Joelah, H2069 and Zebadiah, H1121 the sons H3395 of Jeroham H1446 of Gedor.
  8 H1425 Of the Gadites H914 there separated H1732 themselves to David H4679 to the stronghold H4057 in the wilderness, H2428 mighty H1368 men H6635 of valor, H582 men H4421 trained for war, H6186 that could handle H6793 shield H7420 and spear; H6440 whose faces H6440 were like the faces H738 of lions, H4116 and they were as swift H6643 as the roes H2022 on the mountains;
  9 H5829 Ezer H7218 the chief, H5662 Obadiah H8145 the second, H446 Eliab H7992 the third,
  10 H4925 Mishmannah H7243 the fourth, H3414 Jeremiah H2549 the fifth,
  11 H6262 Attai H8345 the sixth, H447 Eliel H7637 the seventh,
  12 H3110 Johanan H8066 the eighth, H443 Elzabad H8671 the ninth,
  13 H3414 Jeremiah H6224 the tenth, H4344 Machbannai H6249 the eleventh.
  14 H1121 These of the sons H1410 of Gad H7218 were captains H6635 of the army: H259 he H6996 who was least H3967 was equal to one hundred, H1419 and the greatest H505 to one thousand.
  15 H5674 These are those who went over H3383 the Jordan H7223 in the first H2320 month, H4390 when it had overflowed H1415 all its banks; H1272 and they put to flight H6010 all them of the valleys, H4217 both toward the east, H4628 and toward the west.
  16 H935 There came H1121 of the children H1144 of Benjamin H3063 and Judah H4679 to the stronghold H1732 to David.
  17 H1732 David H3318 went out H6440 to meet H6030 them, and answered H559 them, H935 "If you have come H7965 peaceably H5826 to me to help H3824 me, my heart H3162 shall be knit H7411 to you; but if you have come to betray H6862 me to my adversaries, H3808 since there is no H2555 wrong H3709 in my hands, H430 may the God H1 of our fathers H7200 look H3198 thereon, and rebuke it."
  18 H7307 Then the Spirit H3847 came H6022 on Amasai, H7218 who was chief H7970 of the thirty, H1732 and he said, "We are yours, David, H1121 and on your side, you son H3448 of Jesse: H7965 peace, H7965 peace H7965 be to you, and peace H5826 be to your helpers; H430 for your God H1732 helps you." Then David H6901 received H5414 them, and made H7218 them captains H1416 of the band.
  19 H4519 Of Manasseh H5307 also there fell H1732 away some to David, H935 when he came H6430 with the Philistines H7586 against Saul H4421 to battle; H5826 but they didn't help H5633 them; for the lords H6430 of the Philistines H7971 sent H6098 him away after consultation, H559 saying, H5307 "He will fall H113 away to his master H7586 Saul H7218 to the jeopardy of our heads."
  20 H3212 As he went H6860 to Ziklag, H5307 there fell H4519 to him of Manasseh, H5734 Adnah, H3107 and Jozabad, H3043 and Jediael, H4317 and Michael, H3107 and Jozabad, H453 and Elihu, H6769 and Zillethai, H7218 captains H505 of thousands H4519 who were of Manasseh.
  21 H5826 They helped H1732 David H1416 against the band H1368 of rovers: for they were all mighty men H2428 of valor, H8269 and were captains H6635 in the army.
  22 H6256 For from H3117 day H3117 to day H935 men came H1732 to David H5826 to help H1419 him, until there was a great H4264 army, H4264 like the army H430 of God.
  23 H4557 These are the numbers H7218 of the heads H2502 of those who were armed H6635 for war, H935 who came H1732 to David H2275 to Hebron, H5437 to turn H4438 the kingdom H7586 of Saul H6310 to him, according to the word H3068 of Yahweh.
  24 H1121 The children H3063 of Judah H5375 who bore H6793 shield H7420 and spear H8337 were six H505 thousand H8083 and eight H3967 hundred, H2502 armed H6635 for war.
  25 H1121 Of the children H8095 of Simeon, H1368 mighty men H2428 of valor H6635 for the war, H7651 seven H505 thousand H3967 and one hundred.
  26 H1121 Of the children H3878 of Levi H702 four H505 thousand H8337 and six H3967 hundred.
  27 H3077 Jehoiada H5057 was the leader H175 of the household of Aaron; H7969 and with him were three H505 thousand H7651 and seven H3967 hundred,
  28 H6659 and Zadok, H5288 a young man H1368 mighty H2428 of valor, H1 and of his father's H1004 house H6242 twenty - H8147 two H8269 captains.
  29 H1121 Of the children H1144 of Benjamin, H251 the brothers H7586 of Saul, H7969 three H505 thousand: H4768 for hitherto the greatest H8104 part of them had kept H4931 their allegiance H1004 to the house H7586 of Saul.
  30 H1121 Of the children H669 of Ephraim H6242 twenty H505 thousand H8083 eight H3967 hundred, H1368 mighty H582 men H2428 of valor, H8034 famous H1 men in their fathers' H1004 houses.
  31 H2677 Of the half-tribe H4294   H4519 of Manasseh H8083 eighteen H505 thousand, H5344 who were mentioned H8034 by name, H935 to come H1732 and make David H4427 king.
  32 H1121 Of the children H3485 of Issachar, H998 men who had understanding H6256 of the times, H3045 to know H3478 what Israel H6213 ought to do, H7218 their heads H3967 were two hundred; H251 and all their brothers H6310 were at their commandment.
  33 H2074 Of Zebulun, H3318 such as were able to go out H6635 in the army, H6186 who could set H4421 the battle H3627 in array, with all kinds of instruments H4421 of war, H2572 fifty H505 thousand, H5737 and who could command H3820 and were not of double H3820 heart.
  34 H5321 Of Naphtali H505 one thousand H8269 captains, H6793 and with them with shield H2595 and spear H7970 thirty - H7651 seven H505 thousand.
  35 H1839 Of the Danites H6186 who could set H4421 the battle H6242 in array, twenty - H8083 eight H505 thousand H8337 six H3967 hundred.
  36 H836 Of Asher, H3318 such as were able to go out H6635 in the army, H6186 who could set H4421 the battle H705 in array, forty H505 thousand.
  37 H5676 On the other side H3383 of the Jordan, H7206 of the Reubenites, H1425 and the Gadites, H2677 and of the half - H7626 tribe H4519 of Manasseh, H3627 with all kinds of instruments H6635 of war H4421 for the battle, H3967 one hundred H6242 twenty H505 thousand.
  38 H582 All these being men H4421 of war, H5737 who could order H4634 the battle array, H935 came H8003 with a perfect H3820 heart H2275 to Hebron, H1732 to make David H4427 king H3478 over all Israel: H7611 and all the rest H3478 also of Israel H259 were of one H3824 heart H1732 to make David H4427 king.
  39 H1732 They were there with David H7969 three H3117 days, H398 eating H8354 and drinking; H251 for their brothers H3559 had made preparation for them.
  40 H7138 Moreover those who were near H3485 to them, as far as Issachar H2074 and Zebulun H5321 and Naphtali, H935 brought H3899 bread H2543 on donkeys, H1581 and on camels, H6505 and on mules, H1241 and on oxen, H3978 food H7058 of meal, H1690 cakes H6778 of figs, and clusters of raisins, H3196 and wine, H8081 and oil, H1241 and cattle, H6629 and sheep H7230 in abundance: H8057 for there was joy H3478 in Israel.