Numbers 19:2-9

  2 H2708 This is the statute H8451 of the law H3068 which Jehovah H6680 hath commanded, H559 saying, H1696 Speak H1121 unto the children H3478 of Israel, H3947 that they bring H122 thee a red H6510 heifer H8549 without spot, H3971 wherein is no blemish, H3808 and upon which never H5927 came H5923 yoke.
  3 H5414 And ye shall give H499 her unto Eleazar H3548 the priest, H3318 and he shall bring her forth H2351 without H4264 the camp, H7819 and one shall slay H6440 her before his face:
  4 H499 and Eleazar H3548 the priest H3947 shall take H1818 of her blood H676 with his finger, H5137 and sprinkle H1818 her blood H5227 toward H6440 the front H168 of the tent H4150 of meeting H7651 seven H6471 times.
  5 H8313 And one shall burn H6510 the heifer H5869 in his sight; H5785 her skin, H1320 and her flesh, H1818 and her blood, H6569 with her dung, H8313 shall he burn:
  6 H3548 and the priest H3947 shall take H730 cedar - H6086 wood, H231 and hyssop, H8438 and scarlet, H7993 and cast H8432 it into the midst H8316 of the burning H6510 of the heifer.
  7 H3548 Then the priest H3526 shall wash H899 his clothes, H7364 and he shall bathe H1320 his flesh H4325 in water, H310 and afterward H935 he shall come H4264 into the camp, H3548 and the priest H2930 shall be unclean H6153 until the even.
  8 H8313 And he that burneth H3526 her shall wash H899 his clothes H4325 in water, H7364 and bathe H1320 his flesh H4325 in water, H2930 and shall be unclean H6153 until the even.
  9 H376 And a man H2889 that is clean H622 shall gather H665 up the ashes H6510 of the heifer, H3240 and lay them up H2351 without H4264 the camp H2889 in a clean H4725 place; H4931 and it shall be kept H5712 for the congregation H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel H4325 for a water H5079 for impurity: H2403 it is a sin-offering.