Numbers 19:2-9

Matthew(i) 2 this is the ordinaunce of the lawe whiche the Lorde commaundeth sayinge, speake vnto the chyldren of Israell and let them take the a redde kowe wythout spotte wherin is no blemish and whyche neuer bare yocke vpon hyr. 3 And ye shal gyue hyr vnto Eliazar the priest and he shall bryng hyr wythout the host and cause hyr to be slayne before hym. 4 And Eliazar the Prieste shall take of hyr bloud vpon his finger, & sprynkle it strayght toward the tabernacle of witnes .vij. times. And he shall cause the kowe to be burnt in hys syght: 5 both skinne flesh and bloud, with the doung also. 6 And let the priest take Cedar wodd, and Isope and purple cloth, and cast it vpon the kowe as she burneth. 7 And let the priest wash hys clothes and bath his flesh in water, & then come into the host, & the prieste shalbe vncleane vnto the euen. 8 And he that burneth hyr, shall wash hys clothes in water & bath hys flesh also in water and be vncleane vntil euen. 9 And one that is cleane shall goo and take vp the ashes of the kowe, and put them wythout the host in a cleane place, where they shall be kepte to make sprinkelynge water for the multitude of the children of Israel: for it is a synoffering