Numbers 19:2-9

Great(i) 2 this is the ordinaunce of the lawe whyche the Lorde hath commaunded sayinge: speake vnto the chyldren of Israel, that they brynge the a redd kowe without spot, and wherin is no blemish, and vpon which neuer came yocke. 3 And ye shall geue her vnto Eleazar the preaste, that he maye brynge her without the hoste, & cause her to be slayne before hys face. 4 And let Eleazar the preast take of her bloude with hys fynger, and sprynkle it before the tabernacle of witnesse seuen tymes. And cause the kowe to be burnt in his syghte 5 wt hyr skynne, fleshe and bloude. And the dounge of hyr shall he burne also. 6 And let the preast take Cedar wodd, and Isope and purple cloth, and cast it vpon the kowe as she burneth. 7 Then let the preast wash hys clothes, and he shall bathe hys flesh in water, and then come into the hoste, and the preast shalbe vncleane vnto the euen. 8 And he that burneth her, shall wassh his clothes in water, and bathe his fleshe in water, and be vncleane vntill euen. 9 And a man that is cleane, shall take vp the asshes of the kowe, and put them without the hoste in a cleane place. And it shall be kepte for the multitude of the chyldren of Israel for a sprenklynge water and for an atonement of synne.