Numbers 19:2-9

ECB(i) 2 This is the statute of the torah Yah Veh misvahed, saying, Word to the sons of Yisra El, to bring you an integrious red heifer, wherein is no blemish and on which a yoke never ascended: 3 and give her to El Azar the priest to bring her forth outside the camp and slaughter her at his face: 4 and with his finger El Azar the priest takes of her blood and sprinkles of her blood toward the face of the tent of the congregation seven times: 5 and he burns the heifer in his eyes - her skin and her flesh and her blood, with her dung, he burns: 6 and the priest takes cedar timber and hyssop and scarlet and casts it midst the burning of the heifers: 7 then the priest launders his clothes and baptizes his flesh in water; and afterward he comes into the camp; and the priest becomes foul until the evening. 8 And he who burns her launders his clothes in water and baptizes his flesh in water and becomes foul until the evening. 9 And a pure man gathers the ashes of the heifers and sets them outside the camp in a pure place and guards it for the witness of the sons of Yisra El for a water of exclusion: - it is for the sin.