Numbers 19:2-9

Tyndale(i) 2 this is the ordynaunce of the lawe which ye Lorde comaudeth sayenge: speake vnto ye childern of Israel and let them take the a redd cowe with out spot wherein is no blemysh and which neuer bare yocke apo her. 3 And ye shall geue her vnto Eleazer the preast and he shall brynge her with out the hoste and cause her to be slayne before him. 4 And Eleazar ye preast shall take of hir bloude vppon his fynger and sprynkle it streght towarde the tabernacle of witnesse .vij. tymes 5 And he shall cause the cowe to be burnt in his syghte: both skyn flesh and bloude with the douge also. 6 And let the preast take cipresse wodd and Isope and purple cloth and cast it apon the cowe as she burneth. 7 And let the preast wash his clothes and bathe his flesh in water and then come in to the hoste and ye preast shalbe vncleane vnto the euen. 8 And he that burneth her shall wash his clothes in water and bathe his flesh also in water ad be vncleane vntill euen. 9 And one that is cleane shall goo and take vpp the asshes of the cowe and put them without the hoste in a cleane place where they shall be kepte to make sprynklynge water for the multitude of the childern of Israel: for it is a synofferynge