Jeremiah 18

  1 G3588 The G3056 word G3588   G1096 coming G4314 to G* Jeremiah G3844 from G2962 the lord, G3004 saying,
  2 G450 Rise up G2532 and G2597 go down G1519 unto G3624 the house G3588 of the G2763 potter! G2532 and G1563 there G191 you shall hear G3588   G3056 my words. G1473  
  3 G2532 And G2597 I went down G1519 unto G3588 the G3624 house G3588 of the G2763 potter. G2532 And G2400 behold, G1473 he G4160 was making G2041 a work G1909 upon G3588 the G3037 stones.
  4 G2532 And G1276.3 [3failed G3588 1the G30 2vessel] G3739 which G1473 he G4160 was making G1722 with G3588   G5495 his hands. G1473   G2532 And G3825 again G4160 he made G1473 it G30 [2vessel G2087 1 into another] G2531 as G700 was pleasing G1726 before G1473 him G3588   G4160 to make.
  5 G2532 And G1096 came to pass G3056 the word G2962 of the lord G4314 to G1473 me, G3004 saying,
  6 G1487 Shall G2531 as G3588   G2763 this potter G3778   G3756 I not G1410 be able G3588   G4160 to make G1473 you, G3624 O house G* of Israel, G3004 says G2962 the lord ? G2400 Behold, G5613 as G3588 the G4081 mortar G1722 in G3588 the G5495 hand G3588 of the G2763 potter, G1473 so are you G1510.2.5   G1722 in G3588   G5495 my hands, G1473   G3624 O house G* of Israel.
  7 G4009 At end G2980 I shall speak G1909 unto G1484 a nation G2228 or G1909 unto G932 a kingdom G3588   G1808 to lift them away, G1473   G2532 and G3588   G622 to destroy them.
  8 G2532 But G1994 should [2turn G3588   G1484 1that nation] G1565   G575 from G3588   G2556 their evils, G1473   G2532 then G3340 I shall change my mind G4012 concerning G3588 the G2556 bad things G3739 which G3049 I devised G3588   G4160 to do G1473 to them.
  9 G2532 And G4009 at end G2980 I shall speak G1909 unto G1484 a nation G2532 and G1909 unto G932 a kingdom G3588   G456 to rebuild G2532 and G3588   G2707.3 to plant,
  10 G2532 and G4160 they do G3588 the G4190 wicked things G1726 before G1473 me, G3588   G3361 to not G191 hear G3588   G5456 my voice, G1473   G2532 then G3340 I will change my mind G4012 concerning G3588 the G18 good things G3739 which G2980 I spoke G3588   G4160 to do G1473 for them.
  11 G2532 And G3568 now G2036 say G4314 to G435 the men G* of Judah, G2532 and G4314 to G3588 the ones G2730 dwelling G* in Jerusalem! G3779 Thus G3004 says G2962 the lord, G2400 Behold, G1473 I G4111 shape G1909 against G1473 you G2556 bad things, G2532 and G3049 I devise G1909 against G1473 you G3053 a device! G654 Let [3turn G1211 1indeed G1538 2each] G575 from G3598 [3way G1473 1his G3588   G4190 2evil], G2532 and G2570 [3good G4160 1make G3588   G2006.1 2your practices] G1473   G2532 and G3588   G3598 your ways! G1473  
  12 G2532 And G2036 they said, G407 We will be manly, G3754 for G3694 after G3588   G654.1 our turning, G1473   G4198 we shall go G2532 and G1538 each G3588 [2the things G701 3pleasing G3588   G2588 6heart G1473 4his G3588   G4190 5evil G4160 1shall do].
  13 G1223 On account of G3778 this, G3592 Thus G3004 says G2962 the lord, G2065 Ask G1211 indeed G1722 among G1484 the nations! G5100 who G191 heard G5108 such G5424.2 causes for shuddering G3739 which G4160 [3did G4970 4exceedingly G3933 1virgin G* 2Israel]?
  14 G3361 Shall G1587 [2fail G575 3from G4073 4 the rock G3149 1nipples], G2228 or G5510 snow G575 from G3588 the G* Lebanon range? G3361 Will G1578 [5turn aside G5204 1water G972.1 3forcibly G417 4by a wind G5342 2being brought]?
  15 G3754 For G1950 [2forgot G1473 3me G2992 1my people]. G1473   G1519 [2in G2756 3vain G2370 1They burned incense], G2532 and G770 they shall weaken G1722 in G3588   G3598 their ways -- G1473   G5147 [2roads G166 1eternal]; G3588   G1910 to mount G5147 roads G3756 not G2192 having G3598 a way G1519 for G4197 going;
  16 G3588   G5021 to order up G3588   G1093 their land G1473   G1519 for G854 extinction, G2532 and G4947.1 [3hissing G3588 1the G166 2everlasting]. G3956 All G3588 the ones G1279 traveling G1223 through G1473 it G1839 shall be amazed, G2532 and G2795 shall shake G3588   G2776 their head. G1473  
  17 G5613 As G417 [2wind G2742 1a burning] G1289 I will scatter G1473 them G2596 in front G4383   G2190 of their enemies. G1473   G3577 The back G2532 and G3361 not G4383 the front G1166 I will show G1473 to them G1722 in G2250 a day G684 of their destruction. G1473  
  18 G2532 And G2036 they said, G1205 Come, G3049 we should devise G1909 against G* Jeremiah G3053 a device, G3754 for G3756 [2shall not G622 3perish G3551 1 the law] G575 from G2409 the priest, G2532 nor G1012 counsel G575 from G4908 the discerning, G2532 nor G3056 the word G575 from G4396 the prophet. G1205 Come, G2532 for G3960 we should strike G1473 him G1722 in the G1100 tongue, G2532 and G3756 we shall not hear G191   G3956 all G3588   G3056 his words. G1473  
  19 G1522 Hear G1473 me, G2962 O lord, G2532 and G1522 hear G3588 the G5456 voice G3588   G1345 of my right action! G1473  
  20 G1487 Shall G467 [2be recompensed G473 3for G18 4good things G2556 1evils], no . G3754 For G4814 they conversed together G4487 things G2596 against G3588   G5590 my soul. G1473   G3403 Remember G2476 my standing G1473   G2596 in front G4383   G1473 of you! G3588   G2980 to speak G5228 [2for G1473 3them G18 1good], G3588   G654 to turn G3588   G2372 your rage G1473   G575 from G1473 them.
  21 G1223 On account of G3778 this, G1325 give G3588   G5207 their sons G1473   G1519 to G3042 famine, G2532 and G119.1 gather G1473 them G1519 into G5495 the hands G3162 of swords! G1096 Let [2become G3588   G1135 1their women] G1473   G815 childless G2532 and G5503 widows, G2532 and G3588   G435 [2their men G1473   G1096 1let] become G337 men being done away with G2288 in death, G2532 and G3588   G3495 their young men G1473   G4098 falling G3162 by sword G1722 in G4171 war!
  22 G1096 Let there become G2906 a cry G1722 in G3588   G3614 their houses! G1473   G1863 You shall bring G1909 upon G1473 them G3027 robbers G869 suddenly; G3754 for G1471.4 they took in hand G3056 a word G1519 to G4816.1 seize G1473 me, G2532 and G3803 [2snares G2928 1they hid] G1909 against G1473 me.
  23 G2532 And G1473 you, G2962 O lord, G1097 knew G537 all together G3588   G1012 their plan G1473   G1909 against G1473 me G1519 for G2288 death. G3361 You should not G121.1 acquit G3588   G93 their iniquities; G1473   G2532 and G3588   G266 [3their sins G1473   G575 4from G4383 5in front G1473 6of you G3361 1you should not G1813 2wipe away]. G1096 Let [2come G3588   G769 1their weakness] G1473   G1726 before G1473 you! G1722 In G2540 the time G2372 of your rage G1473   G4160 deal G1722 with G1473 them!