Esther 4

  1 H4782 When Mordecai H3045 [H8804] perceived H6213 [H8738] all that was done, H4782 Mordecai H7167 [H8799] tore H899 his clothes, H3847 [H8799] and put on H8242 sackcloth H665 with ashes, H3318 [H8799] and went out H8432 into the midst H5892 of the city, H2199 [H8799] and cried H1419 with a loud H4751 and a bitter H2201 outcry;
  2 H935 [H8799] And came H6440 even at the face of H4428 the king's H8179 gate: H935 [H8800] for none might enter H4428 into the king's H8179 gate H3830 clothed H8242 with sackcloth.
  3 H4082 And in every province, H4725 wherever H4428 the king's H1697 commandment H1881 and his decree H5060 [H8688] came, H1419 there was great H60 mourning H3064 among the Judeans, H6685 and fasting, H1065 and weeping, H4553 and wailing; H7227 and many H3331 [H8714] lay H8242 in sackcloth H665 and ashes.
  4 H635 So Esther's H5291 damsels H5631 and her chamberlains H935 [H8799] came H5046 [H8686] and told H4436 it to her. Then was the queen H3966 exceedingly H2342 [H8698] grieved; H7971 [H8799] and she sent H899 raiment H3847 [H8687] to clothe H4782 Mordecai, H5493 [H8687] and to take away H8242 his sackcloth H6901 [H8765] from him: but he accepted it not.
  5 H7121 [H8799] Then called H635 Esther H2047 for Hatach, H4428 one of the king's H5631 chamberlains, H5975 [H8689] whom he had appointed H6440 to attend H6680 [H8762] upon her, and gave him a commandment H4782 to Mordecai, H3045 [H8800] to learn what it was, and why it was.
  6 H2047 So Hatach H3318 [H8799] went forth H4782 to Mordecai H7339 to the street H5892 of the city, H6440 which was at the face of H4428 the king's H8179 gate.
  7 H4782 And Mordecai H5046 [H8686] told H7136 [H8804] him all that had happened H6575 to him, and of the sum H3701 of the money H2001 that Haman H559 [H8804] had promised H8254 [H8800] to pay H4428 to the king's H1595 treasuries H3064 for the Judeans, H6 [H8763] to destroy them.
  8 H5414 [H8804] Also he gave H6572 him the copy H3791 of the writing H1881 of the decree H5414 [H8738] that was given H7800 at Shushan H8045 [H8687] to desolate H7200 [H8687] them, to show H635 it to Esther, H5046 [H8687] and to tell H6680 [H8763] it to her, and to charge H935 [H8800] her that she should go in H4428 to the king, H2603 [H8692] to ask for favour H1245 [H8763] from him, and to make request H6440 at the face of H5971 him for her people.
  9 H2047 And Hatach H935 [H8799] came H5046 [H8686] and told H635 Esther H1697 the words H4782 of Mordecai.
  10 H635 Again Esther H559 [H8799] spoke H2047 to Hatach, H6680 [H8762] and gave him commandment H4782 to Mordecai;
  11 H4428 All the king's H5650 servants, H5971 and the people H4428 of the king's H4082 provinces, H3045 [H8802] do know, H376 that whoever, whether man H802 or woman, H935 [H8799] shall come H4428 to the king H6442 into the inner H2691 court, H7121 [H8735] who is not called, H259 there is one H1881 law H4191 [H8687] of his to put him to death, H905 except H4428 him to whom the king H3447 [H8686] shall hold out H2091 the golden H8275 sceptre, H2421 [H8804] that he may live: H7121 [H8738] but I have not been called H935 [H8800] to come in H4428 to the king H7970 these thirty H3117 days.
  12 H5046 [H8686] And they told H4782 to Mordecai H635 Esther's H1697 words.
  13 H4782 Then Mordecai H559 [H8799] commanded H7725 [H8687] to answer H635 Esther, H1819 [H8762] Think H5315 not with thyself H4422 [H8736] that thou shalt escape H4428 in the king's H1004 house, H3064 more than all the Judeans.
  14 H2790 [H8687] For if thou shalt altogether H2790 [H8686] hold thy peace H6256 at this time, H7305 then shall there relief H2020 and deliverance H5975 [H8799] arise H3064 to the Judeans H312 from another H4725 place; H1 but thou and thy father's H1004 house H6 [H8799] shall be destroyed: H3045 [H8802] and who knoweth H5060 [H8689] whether thou hast come H4438 to the kingdom H6256 for such a time as this?
  15 H635 Then Esther H559 [H8799] told H7725 [H8687] them return H4782 Mordecai this answer,
  16 H3212 [H8798] Go, H3664 [H8798] gather H3064 all the Judeans H4672 [H8737] that are present H7800 in Shushan, H6684 [H8798] and fast H398 [H8799] ye for me, and neither eat H8354 [H8799] nor drink H7969 three H3117 days, H3915 night H3117 or day: H5291 I also and my damsels H6684 [H8799] will fast H3651 likewise; and so H935 [H8799] will I go H4428 in to the king, H1881 which is not according to the law: H6 [H8804] and if I perish, H6 [H8804] I perish.
  17 H4782 So Mordecai H5674 [H8799] went his way, H6213 [H8799] and did H635 according to all that Esther H6680 [H8765] had commanded him.