Esther 4:11

  11 H4428 All the king's H5650 servants, H5971 and the people H4428 of the king's H4082 provinces, H3045 [H8802] do know, H376 that whoever, whether man H802 or woman, H935 [H8799] shall come H4428 to the king H6442 into the inner H2691 court, H7121 [H8735] who is not called, H259 there is one H1881 law H4191 [H8687] of his to put him to death, H905 except H4428 him to whom the king H3447 [H8686] shall hold out H2091 the golden H8275 sceptre, H2421 [H8804] that he may live: H7121 [H8738] but I have not been called H935 [H8800] to come in H4428 to the king H7970 these thirty H3117 days.