Esther 5

  1 H7992 Now it came to pass on the third H3117 day, H635 that Esther H3847 [H8799] put on H4438 her royal H5975 [H8799] apparel, and stood H6442 in the inner H2691 court H4428 of the king's H1004 house, H5227 opposite H4428 the king's H1004 house: H4428 and the king H3427 [H8802] sat H4438 upon his royal H3678 throne H4438 in the royal H1004 house, H5227 opposite H6607 the entrance H1004 of the house.
  2 H4428 And it was so, when the king H7200 [H8800] saw H635 Esther H4436 the queen H5975 [H8802] standing H2691 in the court, H5375 [H8804] that she obtained H2580 favour H5869 in his eyes: H4428 and the king H3447 [H8686] held out H635 to Esther H2091 the golden H8275 sceptre H3027 that was in his hand. H635 So Esther H7126 [H8799] drew near, H5060 [H8799] and touched H7218 the top H8275 of the sceptre.
  3 H559 [H8799] Then said H4428 the king H4436 to her, What wilt thou, queen H635 Esther? H1246 and what is thy request? H5414 [H8735] it shall be even given H2677 thee to the half H4438 of the kingdom.
  4 H635 And Esther H559 [H8799] answered, H2895 [H8804] If it shall seem good H4428 to the king, H4428 let the king H2001 and Haman H935 [H8799] come H3117 this day H4960 to the banquet H6213 [H8804] that I have prepared for him.
  5 H4428 Then the king H559 [H8799] said, H2001 Cause Haman H4116 [H8761] to make haste, H6213 [H8800] that he may do H635 as Esther H1697 hath said. H4428 So the king H2001 and Haman H935 [H8799] came H4960 to the banquet H635 that Esther H6213 [H8804] had prepared.
  6 H4428 And the king H559 [H8799] said H635 to Esther H4960 at the banquet H3196 of wine, H7596 What is thy petition? H5414 [H8735] and it shall be granted H1246 thee: and what is thy request? H2677 even to the half H4438 of the kingdom H6213 [H8735] it shall be performed.
  7 H6030 [H8799] Then answered H635 Esther, H559 [H8799] and said, H7596 My petition H1246 and my request is;
  8 H4672 [H8804] If I have found H2580 favour H5869 in the eyes H4428 of the king, H2895 [H8804] and if it shall please H4428 the king H5414 [H8800] to give H7596 my petition, H6213 [H8800] and to perform H1246 my request, H4428 let the king H2001 and Haman H935 [H8799] come H4960 to the banquet H6213 [H8799] that I shall prepare H6213 [H8799] for them, and I will do H4279 to morrow H4428 as the king H1697 hath said.
  9 H3318 0 Then went H2001 Haman H3318 [H8799] forth H3117 that day H8056 joyful H2896 and with a glad H3820 heart: H2001 but when Haman H7200 [H8800] saw H4782 Mordecai H4428 in the king's H8179 gate, H6965 [H8804] that he stood not up, H2111 [H8804] nor trembled H2001 before him, he H4390 [H8735] was full H2534 of hot anger H4782 against Mordecai.
  10 H2001 Nevertheless Haman H662 [H8691] restrained H935 [H8799] himself: and when he came H1004 home, H7971 [H8799] he sent H935 [H8686] and called H157 [H8802] for his friends, H2238 and Zeresh H802 his wife.
  11 H2001 And Haman H5608 [H8762] told H3519 them of the glory H6239 of his riches, H7230 and the abundance H1121 of his sons, H4428 and all the things in which the king H1431 [H8765] had promoted H5375 [H8765] him, and how he had advanced H8269 him above the princes H5650 and servants H4428 of the king.
  12 H2001 Haman H559 [H8799] said H635 moreover, Yea, Esther H4436 the queen H935 [H8689] let no man come in H4428 with the king H4960 to the banquet H6213 [H8804] that she had prepared H4279 but myself; and to morrow H7121 [H8803] I am invited H4428 to her also with the king.
  13 H7737 [H8802] Yet all this availeth H6256 me nothing, so long as H7200 [H8802] I see H4782 Mordecai H3064 the Judean H3427 [H8802] sitting H4428 at the king's H8179 gate.
  14 H559 [H8799] Then said H2238 Zeresh H802 his wife H157 [H8802] and all his friends H6086 to him, Let a gallows H6213 [H8799] be made H2572 fifty H520 cubits H1364 high, H1242 and to morrow H559 [H8798] speak H4428 thou to the king H4782 that Mordecai H8518 [H8799] may be hanged H935 [H8798] on it: then go H8056 thou in merrily H4428 with the king H4960 to the banquet. H1697 And the thing H3190 H6440 [H8799] pleased H2001 Haman; H6213 0 and he caused H6086 the gallows H6213 [H8799] to be made.