H3064 יהוּדי - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

ye hûdı̂y
Patronymic from H3063; a Jehudite (that is, Judaite or Jew), or descendant of Jehudah (that is, Judah)

KJV Usage: Jew.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. Jew
Origin: patronymically from H3063
TWOT: 850a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) Jew

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First 30 of 76 occurrences of H3064 יהוּדי

2 Kings 16:6 the Judeans
2 Kings 25:25 and the Judeans
Nehemiah 1:2 them concerning the Judeans
Nehemiah 2:16 it to the Judeans,
Nehemiah 4:1 the Judeans.
Nehemiah 4:2 Judeans?
Nehemiah 4:12 And it came to pass, that when the Judeans
Nehemiah 5:1 the Judeans.
Nehemiah 5:8 the Judeans,
Nehemiah 5:17 of the Judeans
Nehemiah 6:6 it, that thou and the Judeans
Nehemiah 13:23 Judeans
Esther 2:5 Judean,
Esther 3:4 them that he was a Judean.
Esther 3:6 all the Judeans
Esther 3:10 the Judeans.
Esther 3:13 all Judeans,
Esther 4:3 among the Judeans,
Esther 4:7 for the Judeans,
Esther 4:13 more than all the Judeans.
Esther 4:14 to the Judeans
Esther 4:16 all the Judeans
Esther 5:13 the Judean
Esther 6:10 the Judean,
Esther 6:13 of the Judeans,
Esther 8:1 the Judeans
Esther 8:3 against the Judeans.
Esther 8:5 the Judeans
Esther 8:7 the Judean,
Esther 8:7 upon the Judeans.

Distinct usage

10 the Judeans
5 of the Judeans
4 the Judeans,
4 all the Judeans
3 the Judeans.
3 Judeans
3 the Judean
3 the Judean,
2 and the Judeans
2 among the Judeans,
2 to the Judeans
1 them concerning the Judeans
1 it to the Judeans,
1 And it came to pass, that when the Judeans
1 Judean,
1 them that he was a Judean.
1 for the Judeans,
1 more than all the Judeans.
1 upon the Judeans.
1 ye also for the Judeans,
1 to the Judeans,
1 and to the Judeans
1 and that the Judeans
1 to the contrary, that the Judeans
1 the Judeans;
1 Therefore the Judeans
1 to all the Judeans
1 in which the Judeans
1 to all the Judeans,
1 them in service, that is, a Judean
1 Even all the Judeans
1 thee, that all the Judeans
1 of him that is a Judean,
1 Thus the Judeans
1 For the Judeans
1 But the Judeans
1 all Judeans,
1 it, that thou and the Judeans
1 concerning all the Judeans
1 Likewise when all the Judeans
1 Judeans?
1 of the Judeans,
1 against the Judeans,
1 against the Judeans.
1 of Judah;
1 against the Judeans

Related words


H1940 הודיּה hôdı̂yâh
A form for the feminine of H3064; a Jewess

KJV Usage: Hodiah.

H3057 יהדיּה ye hûdı̂yâh
ye hûdı̂yâh
Feminine of H3064; Jehudijah, a Jewess

KJV Usage: Jehudijah.

H3065 יהוּדי ye hûdı̂y
ye hûdı̂y
The same as H3064; Jehudi, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Jehudi.

H3066 יהוּדית ye hûdı̂yth
ye hûdı̂yth
Feminine of H3064; the Jewish (used adverbially) language

KJV Usage: in the Jews’ language.

H3063 יהוּדה ye hûdâh

ye hûdâh
From H3034; celebrated; Jehudah (or Judah), the name of five Israelites; also of the tribe descended from the first, and of its territory

KJV Usage: Judah.

H1184 בּעלי יהוּדה ba‛ălêy ye hûdâh
בּעלי יהוּדה
ba‛ălêy ye hûdâh
bah-al-ay' yeh-hoo-daw'
From the plural of H1167 and H3063; masters of Judah; Baale Jehudah, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Baale of Judah.

H3061 יהוּד ye hûd
ye hûd
(Chaldee); contracted from a form. corresponding to H3063; properly Judah, hence Judaea

KJV Usage: Jewry, Judah, Judea.

G2448 Ἰουδά
Of Hebrew origin [H3063] or perhaps [H3194]; Judah (that is, Jehudah or Juttah), a part of (or place in) Palestine

KJV Usage: Judah.

G2455 Ἰουδάς
Of Hebrew origin [H3063]; Judas (that is, Jehudah), the name of ten Israelites; also of the posterity of one of them and its region

KJV Usage: Juda (-h, -s); Jude.