Esther 8:5

  5 H559 [H8799] And said, H2896 If it shall please H4428 the king, H4672 [H8804] and if I have found H2580 favour H6440 in his sight, H1697 and the thing H3787 [H8804] shall seem right H6440 at the face of H4428 the king, H2896 and I am pleasing H5869 in his eyes, H3789 [H8735] let it be written H7725 [H8687] to reverse H5612 the letters H4284 devised H2001 by Haman H1121 the son H4099 of Hammedatha H91 the Agagite, H3789 [H8804] which he wrote H6 [H8763] to destroy H3064 the Judeans H4428 who are in all the king's H4082 provinces: