Job 23

  1 H347 Then Job H6030 answered [H8799]   H559 and said [H8799]  ,
  2 H3117 Even to day H7879 is my complaint H4805 bitter H3027 : my stroke H3513 is heavier [H8804]   H585 than my groaning.
  3 H5414 Oh that [H8799]   H3045 I knew [H8804]   H4672 where I might find [H8799]   H935 him! that I might come [H8799]   H8499 even to his seat!
  4 H6186 I would order [H8799]   H4941 my cause H6440 before H4390 him, and fill [H8762]   H6310 my mouth H8433 with arguments.
  5 H3045 I would know [H8799]   H4405 the words H6030 which he would answer [H8799]   H995 me, and understand [H8799]   H559 what he would say [H8799]   unto me.
  6 H7378 Will he plead [H8799]   H5978 against H7230 me with his great H3581 power H7760 ? No; but he would put [H8799]   strength in me.
  7 H3477 There the righteous H3198 might dispute [H8737]   H6403 with him; so should I be delivered [H8762]   H5331 for ever H8199 from my judge [H8802]  .
  8 H1980 Behold, I go [H8799]   H6924 forward H268 , but he is not there; and backward H995 , but I cannot perceive [H8799]   him:
  9 H8040 On the left hand H6213 , where he doth work [H8800]   H2372 , but I cannot behold [H8799]   H5848 him : he hideth [H8799]   H3225 himself on the right hand H7200 , that I cannot see [H8799]   him :
  10 H3045 But he knoweth [H8804]   H1870 the way H5978 that I take H974 : when he hath tried [H8804]   H3318 me, I shall come forth [H8799]   H2091 as gold.
  11 H7272 My foot H270 hath held [H8804]   H838 his steps H1870 , his way H8104 have I kept [H8804]   H5186 , and not declined [H8686]  .
  12 H4185 Neither have I gone back [H8686]   H4687 from the commandment H8193 of his lips H6845 ; I have esteemed [H8804]   H561 the words H6310 of his mouth H2706 more than my necessary food .
  13 H259 But he is in one H7725 mind, and who can turn [H8686]   H5315 him? and what his soul H183 desireth [H8765]   H6213 , even that he doeth [H8799]  .
  14 H7999 For he performeth [H8686]   H2706 the thing that is appointed H7227 for me: and many H2007 such things are with him.
  15 H926 Therefore am I troubled [H8735]   H6440 at his presence H995 : when I consider [H8709]   H6342 , I am afraid [H8799]   of him.
  16 H410 For God H3820 maketh my heart H7401 soft [H8689]   H7706 , and the Almighty H926 troubleth [H8689]   me:
  17 H6789 Because I was not cut off [H8738]   H6440 before H2822 the darkness H3680 , neither hath he covered [H8765]   H652 the darkness H6440 from my face.