Job 23

Coverdale(i) 1 Iob answered, and sayd: 2 My sayenge is yet this daye in bytternes, and my hande heuy amonge my groninges. 3 O that I might se him & fynde him: O that I might come before his seate, 4 to pleate my cause before him, and to fyll my mouth with argumentes: 5 That I might knowe, what answere he wolde geue me: & that I might vnderstonde, what he wolde saye vnto me. 6 Wil he pleate agaynst me with his greate power & strength, or wyll he leane him self vtterly vpon me? 7 Oh no, let him not do so with me. But let hym geue me like power to go to lawe, then am I sure to wynne my matter. 8 For though I go before, I fynde him not: yf I come behynde, I ca get no knowlege of him: 9 Yf I go on the left syde to pondre his workes, I can not atteyne vnto them: Agayne, yf I go on the right syde, he hydeth himself, yt I can not se him. 10 But as for my waye, he knoweth it: & trieth me as ye golde in ye fyre. 11 Neuertheles my fete kepe his path, his hye strete haue I holden, and not gone out of it. 12 I haue not forsaken the comaundemet of his lippes, but loke what he charged me with his mouth, that haue I shutt vp in my herte. 13 It is he himself alone, who will turne him back? He doth as him listeth, and bryngeth to passe what he wil. 14 He rewardeth me into my bosome, & many other thinges mo doth he, as he maye by his power. 15 This is ye cause, that I shrenke at his presence, so that when I considre him, I am afrayed of him. 16 For in so moch as he is God, he maketh my herte soft: and seynge that he is Allmightie, he putteth me in feare. 17 Thus can not I get out of darcknesse, the cloude hath so couered my face.