Job 24

Coverdale(i) 1 Consideringe then that there is no tyme hyd from the Allmightie, how happeneth it, that they which knowe him, wil not regarde his dayes? 2 For some me there be, that remoue other mes londe markes: that robbe them of their catell, and kepe the same for their owne: 3 that dryue awaye the asse of the fatherlesse: that take ye wyddowes oxe for a pledge: 4 that thrust the poore out of the waye, & oppresse the symple of the worlde together. 5 Beholde, the wilde asses in ye deserte go by tymes (as their maner is) to spoyle: Yee the very wildernesse ministreth foode for their children. 6 They reape the corne felde that is not their owne: and gather the grapes out of his vynyarde, whom they haue oppressed by violence. 7 They are the cause yt so many men are naked and bare, hauynge no clothes to couer them and kepe them from colde: 8 So that when the showers in the mountaynes haue rayned vpon them, & they be all wett, they haue none other sucoure, but to kepe them amonge the rockes. 9 They spoyle the suckinge fatherlesse children, and put the poore in preson: 10 In so moch that they let them go naked without clothinge, and yet the hungrie beare the sheeues. 11 The poore are fayne to laboure in their oyle mylles, yee and to treade in their wyne presses, and yet to suffre thyrst. 12 The whole cite crieth vnto the LORDE with sighinge, the soules of the slayne make their complaynte: But God destroyeth them not for all this, 13 where as they (not wt stodinge) are rebellious and disobedient enemies: which seke not his light and waye, ner turne agayne in to his path. 14 Tymely in the mornynge do they aryse, to murthur the symple and poore, & in the night they go a stealinge. 15 The eye of the vngodly is like the aduouterer, that wayteth for the darcknesse, and sayeth thus in him self: Tush, there shal no ma se me, & so he disgyseth his face. 16 In the night season they search the houses, and hyde them selues in the daye tyme, but wil not knowe ye light 17 For as soone as the daye breaketh, the shadowe of death commeth vpo them, and they go in horrible darcknesse. 18 The vngodly is very swyft: O yt his porcio also vpo earth were swyfter then ye runnynge water, which suffreth not ye shipma to beholde the fayre & pleasaut vyniardes. 19 O yt they (for the wickednesse which they haue done) were drawen to the hell, sooner the snowe melteth at the heate. 20 O yt all copassion vpon the were forgotte: yt their daynties were wormes: that they were clene put out of remembraunce, & vtterly hewe downe like an vnfrutefull tre. 21 For they manteyne the baren, & make them yt they can not beare, & vnto wyddowes they do no good. 22 They plucke downe the mightie wt their power, & when they them selues are gotten vp, they are neuer without feare, as longe as they liue. 23 And though they might be safe, yet they wil not receaue it, for their eyes loke vpon their owne wayes. 24 They are exalted for a litle, but shortly are they gone, brought to extreme pouerte, & take out of the waye: yee & vtterly plucte of as the eares of corne. 25 Is it not so? Who wil the reproue me as a lyar, & saye yt my wordes are nothinge worth?