Job 18

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H6030 ויען Then answered H1085 בלדד Bildad H7747 השׁחי the Shuhite, H559 ויאמר׃ and said,
  2 H5704 עד   H575 אנה   H7760 תשׂימון ye make H7078 קנצי an end H4405 למלין of words? H995 תבינו mark, H310 ואחר and afterwards H1696 נדבר׃ we will speak.
  3 H4069 מדוע Wherefore H2803 נחשׁבנו are we counted H929 כבהמה as beasts, H2933 נטמינו reputed vile H5869 בעיניכם׃ in your sight?
  4 H2963 טרף He teareth H5315 נפשׁו himself H639 באפו in his anger: H4616 הלמענך for H5800 תעזב be forsaken H776 ארץ shall the earth H6275 ויעתק be removed H6697 צור thee? and shall the rock H4725 ממקמו׃ out of his place?
  5 H1571 גם Yea, H216 אור the light H7563 רשׁעים of the wicked H1846 ידעך shall be put out, H3808 ולא shall not H5050 יגה shine. H7632 שׁביב and the spark H784 אשׁו׃ of his fire
  6 H216 אור The light H2821 חשׁך shall be dark H168 באהלו in his tabernacle, H5216 ונרו and his candle H5921 עליו with H1846 ידעך׃ shall be put out
  7 H3334 יצרו shall be straitened, H6806 צעדי The steps H202 אונו of his strength H7993 ותשׁליכהו shall cast him down. H6098 עצתו׃ and his own counsel
  8 H3588 כי For H7971 שׁלח he is cast H7568 ברשׁת into a net H7272 ברגליו by his own feet, H5921 ועל upon H7639 שׂבכה a snare. H1980 יתהלך׃ and he walketh
  9 H270 יאחז shall take H6119 בעקב by the heel, H6341 פח The gin H2388 יחזק shall prevail H5921 עליו against H6782 צמים׃ the robber
  10 H2934 טמון laid H776 בארץ for him in the ground, H2256 חבלו The snare H4434 ומלכדתו and a trap H5921 עלי for him in H5410 נתיב׃ the way.
  11 H5439 סביב on every side, H1204 בעתהו shall make him afraid H1091 בלהות Terrors H6327 והפיצהו and shall drive H7272 לרגליו׃ him to his feet.
  12 H1961 יהי shall be H7457 רעב hunger-bitten, H202 אנו His strength H343 ואיד and destruction H3559 נכון ready H6763 לצלעו׃ at his side.
  13 H398 יאכל It shall devour H905 בדי the strength H5785 עורו of his skin: H398 יאכל shall devour H905 בדיו his strength. H1060 בכור the firstborn H4194 מות׃ of death
  14 H5423 ינתק shall be rooted out H168 מאהלו of his tabernacle, H4009 מבטחו His confidence H6805 ותצעדהו and it shall bring H4428 למלך him to the king H1091 בלהות׃ of terrors.
  15 H7931 תשׁכון It shall dwell H168 באהלו in his tabernacle, H1097 מבלי because none H2219 לו יזרה shall be scattered H5921 על upon H5116 נוהו his habitation. H1614 גפרית׃ of his: brimstone
  16 H8478 מתחת beneath, H8328 שׁרשׁיו His roots H3001 יבשׁו shall be dried up H4605 וממעל and above H5243 ימל be cut off. H7105 קצירו׃ shall his branch
  17 H2143 זכרו His remembrance H6 אבד shall perish H4480 מני from H776 ארץ the earth, H3808 ולא and he shall have no H8034 שׁם name H5921 לו על in H6440 פני the street. H2351 חוץ׃ the street.
  18 H1920 יהדפהו He shall be driven H216 מאור from light H413 אל into H2822 חשׁך darkness, H8398 ומתבל out of the world. H5074 ינדהו׃ and chased
  19 H3808 לא He shall neither H5209 נין have son H3808 לו ולא nor H5220 נכד nephew H5971 בעמו among his people, H369 ואין nor H8300 שׂריד any remaining H4033 במגוריו׃ in his dwellings.
  20 H5921 על at H3117 יומו his day, H8074 נשׁמו shall be astonished H314 אחרנים They that come after H6931 וקדמנים as they that went before H270 אחזו   H8178 שׂער׃ were frightened.
  21 H389 אך Surely H428 אלה such H4908 משׁכנות the dwellings H5767 עול of the wicked, H2088 וזה and this H4725 מקום the place H3808 לא not H3045 ידע knoweth H410 אל׃ God.