Job 18

Coverdale(i) 1 Then answered Baldad the Suhite, and sayde: 2 when wil ye make an ende of youre wordes? Marcke well, and considre, we wil speake also. 3 Wherfore are we counted as beestes, & reputed so vyle in youre sight? 4 Why destroyest thou thy self with anger? Shal ye earth be forsaken, or the stones remoued out of their place because of ye? 5 Shal not the light of the vngodly be put out? yee the flame of his fyre shal not burne. 6 The light shalbe darcke in his dwellinge, & his candle shalbe put out with him. 7 His presumptuous goinges shal be kepte in, and his owne councell shal cast him downe. 8 For his fete shalbe taken in the nett, and he shal walke in the snare. 9 His fote shalbe holden in the gilder, and the thurstie shal catch him. 10 The snare is layed for him in the grounde, and a pytfall in the waye. 11 Fearfulnesse shal make him afrayed on euery syde, that he shall not knowe, where to get out. 12 Honger shalbe his substaunce, and my?fortune shall hange vpon him. 13 He shall eate his owne skynne, yee his owne armes shall he deuoure, beynge a firstborne of death. 14 All his comforte and hope shalbe roted out of his dwellynge, very fearfulnesse shall brynge him to the kynge. 15 Other men shall dwel in his house (which now is none of his) and brymstone shalbe scatered vpon his habitacion. 16 His rotes shalbe dryed vp beneth, & aboue shall his haruest be cut downe. 17 His remembraunce shall perish from the earth, & his name shall not be praysed in the stretes: 18 he shalbe dryuen from the light into darcknesse, and be cast clene out of the worlde. 19 He shall nether haue children ner kyn?folkes amonge his people, no ner eny posterite in his countre: 20 yonge & olde shalbe astonyshed at his death. 21 Soch are now the dwellynges of the wicked, and this is ye place of him that knoweth not God.