Job 17

Coverdale(i) 1 My breth fayleth, my dayes are shortened, I am harde at deathes dore. 2 I haue disceaued no man, yet must myne eye cotinue in heuynesse 3 O delyuer me, and set me by the, who shall then be able to thrust my hondes together? 4 Thou hast withholde their hertes from vnderstodinge, therfore shall they not be set vp an hye. 5 He promiseth his fredes parte of his good, but his owne childre spende it. 6 He hath made me as it were a byworde of the comon people, I am his gestinge stocke amoge the. 7 My countenaunce is heuy for very anger, & the membres of my body are become like a shadowe. 8 Vertuous me therfore shall wel cosidre this, and the innocent shal take parte agaynst the Ypocrite. 9 The rightuous wil kepe his waye, and he yt hath cleane handes, wil euer be stronger & stronger. 10 As for you, turne you, & get you hence, for I can not se one wyse ma amonge you. 11 My dayes are past, my thoughtes are vanished awaye, which haue vexed myne herte, 12 chaunginge the night in to daye, & ye light in to darcknes. 13 Though I tary neuer so moch, yet the graue is my house, and I must make my bed in the darcke. 14 I call corrupcion my father, and the wormes call I my mother and my sister. 15 What helpeth then my longe tarienge? Or, who wil fulfill the thinge, that I loke for? 16 All that I haue, shall go downe in to the pytt, & lye with me in the dust.