Proverbs 8

  1 G1473 You G3588   G4678 [2wisdom G2784 1shall proclaim], G2443 that G5428 intellect G1473 should obey you. G5219  
  2 G1909 [3upon G1063 1For G3588 4the G5308 5high G206.1 6extremities G1510.2.3 2she is], G303.1 [3in the midst G1161 1and G3588 4of the G5147 5paths G2476 2she stands].
  3 G3844 For by G1063   G4439 the gates G1413 of mighty ones G3917.1 she is occupied; G1722 and in G1161   G1529 the entrances G5214 sings, saying,
  4 G1473 You, G5599 O G444 men, G3870 I comfort; G2532 and G4290.2 I let go G1699 with my G5456 voice G5207 to the sons G444 of men.
  5 G3539 Comprehend, G172 O guileless ones, G3834 astuteness! G3588 and O G1161   G521 uninstructed, G1783.2 insert it G2588 in heart!
  6 G1522 Listen to G1473 me! G4586 [3serious things G1063 1for G2046 2I shall speak], G2532 and G399 I will offer G575 [2from G5491 3 my lips G3717 1straight things]!
  7 G3754 For G225 [3truth G3191 2shall meditate G3588   G2995 1my throat]; G1473   G948 [4 are abhorrent G1161 1and G1726 5before G1473 6me G5491 3lips G5571 2lying].
  8 G3326 [5 are with G1343 6righteousness G3956 1All G3588 2the G4487 3sayings G3588   G4750 4of my mouth]; G1473   G3762 nothing G1722 in G1473 them G4646 is crooked G3761 nor G4751.4 insidious.
  9 G3956 All G1799.1 is face to face G3588 to the ones G4920 perceiving; G2532 and G3717 straight G3588 to the ones G2147 finding G1108 knowledge.
  10 G2983 Receive G3809 instruction, G2532 and G3361 not G694 silver! G2532 and G1108 knowledge G5228 above G5553 [2gold G1381 1tried].
  11 G2908 [3 is better G1063 1For G4678 2wisdom G3037 5stones G4185 4 than very costly]; G3956 and every G1161   G5093 esteemed thing G3756 [2not G514 3worth G1473 4her G1510.2.3 1is].
  12 G1473 I G3588   G4678 wisdom G2681 encamped G1012 with counsel G2532 and G1108 knowledge; G2532 and G1771 [3reflection G1473 1I G1941 2called upon].
  13 G5401 The fear G2962 of the lord G3404 detests G93 injustice; G5196 insolence G5037 also, G2532 and G5243 pride, G2532 and G3598 the ways G4190 of evil ones; G3404 [3have detested G1161 1and G1473 2I] G1294 the perverting G3598 ways G2556 of evil men.
  14 G1699 [4 are mine G1012 1Counsel G2532 2and G803 3safety]; G1699 [2 is mine G5428 1intelligence], G1699 [3 is mine G1161 1and G2479 2strength].
  15 G1223 By G1473 me G935 kings G936 reign, G2532 and G3588 the G1413 mighty ones G1125 write G1343 righteousness.
  16 G1223 Through G1473 me G3175 great men G3170 become magnified, G2532 and G5181 sovereigns G1223 through G1473 me G2902 take hold G1093 of the earth.
  17 G1473 I G3588 [2the ones G1473 4me G5368 3being fond of G25 1love]; G3588 and the ones G1161   G1473 seeking me G2212   G2147 shall find G5484 favor.
  18 G4149 Wealth G2532 and G1391 glory G1473 exist by me, G5224   G2532 and G2934.3 [2property G4183 1much] G2532 and G1343 righteousness.
  19 G957 Best G1473 to gather my fruit G2589.4   G5228 than G5553 gold G2532 and G3037 [2stone G5093 1precious]; G3588   G1161 and G1699 my G1081 produce G2908 is better than G694 [2silver G1588 1choice].
  20 G1722 [2in G3598 3 the ways G1343 4of righteousness G4043 1I walk], G2532 and G303.1 [2in the midst G5147 3of paths G1345 4of reason G390 1I return];
  21 G2443 that G3307 I shall portion G3588 [2to the ones G1473 3loving me G25   G5223 1substance]; G2532 and G3588   G2344 their treasuries G1473   G1705 I shall fill up G18 of good things . G1437 If G312 I should announce G1473 to you G3588 the things G2596 [2each G2250 3day G1096 1happening], G3421 I will remember also G3588 [2the things G1537 3of G165 4 the eon G705 1to count].
  22 G2962 The lord G2936 created G1473 me G746 the head G3598 of his ways G1473   G1519 for G2041 his works. G1473  
  23 G4253 Before G3588 the G165 eon G2311 he founded G1473 me G1722 in G746 the beginning, G4253 before G3588 the G3588 [2the G1093 3earth G4160 1making];
  24 G2532 and G4253 before G3588 the G3588 [2the G12 3abysses G4160 1making]; G4253 before G3588 the G4281 coming forth G3588 of the G4077 springs G3588   G5204 of waters;
  25 G4253 before G3588 [2of the G3735 3mountains G1475.4 1 the seating]; G4253 and before G1161   G3956 all G1015 the hills G1080 he engenders G1473 me.
  26 G2962 The lord G4160 made G5561 regions, G2532 and G516.2 uninhabited places, G2532 and G206.1 uttermost parts G3611 of the inhabitable world G3588   G5259 under G3772 the heavens.
  27 G2259 When G2090 he prepared G3588 the G3772 heaven, G4840 I was present with G1473 him, G2532 and G3753 when G873 he separated G3588   G1438 his G2362 throne G1909 upon G417 the winds;
  28 G2259 when G2478 [5strong G4160 1he made G3588 2the G507 3upward G3509 4clouds]; G2532 and G5613 as G804 [5safe G5087 1he made G4077 2 the springs G3588   G5259 3under G3772 4heaven];
  29 G1722 in G3588 the G5087 putting G3588 [2to the G2281 3sea G194.1 1of his restriction]; G1473   G2532 and G5204 the waters G3756 shall not G3928 go by G4750 his mouth; G1473   G2532 and G5613 as G2478 [6strong G4160 1he made G3588 2the G2310 3foundations G3588 4of the G1093 5earth],
  30 G1510.7.1 I was G3844 by G1473 him. G718 [3being in accord G1473 1I G1510.7.1 2was], G3739 in which G4377.1 he rejoiced with. G2596 [2each G2250 3day G1161 1And] G2165 I was glad G1722 in G4383 front G1473 of him G1722 at G3956 all G2540 time,
  31 G3753 even when G1757.1 he was pleased with G3588 the G3611 [2 the inhabitable world G4931 1completing], G2532 and G1757.1 was pleased G1722 among G5207 the sons G444 of men.
  32 G3568 Now G3767 then, G5207 O son, G191 hear G1473 me! G2532 and G3107 blessed are G3588 the ones G3598 [2my ways G1473   G5442 1guarding].
  33 G191 Hear G4678 wisdom! G2532 and G4679 you should be wise, G2532 and G3361 you should not G656.3 seal it up. G3107 Blessed is G435 the man G3739 who G1522 shall listen to G1473 me, G2532 and G444 the man G3739 who G3588   G1699 [2my G3598 3ways G5442 1shall guard];
  34 G69 being awake G1909 at G1699 my G2374 doors G2596 each G2250 day, G5083 giving heed at G4712.4 the doorposts G1699 of my G1529 entrances.
  35 G3588   G1063 For G1841 my issues G1473   G1841 are the issues G2222 of life, G2532 and G2090 in them [2is prepared G2308 1volition] G3844 from G2962 the lord .
  36 G3588 But the ones G1161   G264 sinning G1519 against G1473 me G764 are impious G1519 unto G3588 their G1438 own G5590 souls; G2532 and G3588 the ones G3404 detesting G1473 me G25 love G2288 death.