Job 30

  1 G3568 And now G1161   G2606 [2ridicule G1473 3me G1646 1 the least of them]; G3568 now G3560 they admonish G1473 me G1722 in G3313 turn -- G3739 whom G1847 I treated [2with contempt G3588   G3962 1their fathers], G3739 whom G3756 I did not G2233 esteem G1510.1 to be G514 worthy G2965 of dogs G3588   G1699 of my G3541.1 grazing flocks .
  2 G2532 And G1065 indeed, G2479 [2 is the strength G5495 3of their hands G1473   G2444 1what profit] G1473 to me? G1909 [2of G1473 3them G622 1It was destroyed] G4930 to completion.
  3 G1722 In G1729.1 lack G2532 and G3042 hunger G57.1 one is barren, G3588 as the ones G5343 fleeing G504 waterless G5504 yesterday G4928 in conflict G2532 and G5004 misery.
  4 G3588 The ones G4033 breaking off G233.1 the marine plant G1909 upon G2278 the sounding shore, G3748 whose G233.1 marine plants G1510.7.3 were G1473 for their G3588   G4621 grain; G820 and were without honor, G1161   G2532 and G5336.3 being treated as worthless, G1729 lacking G3956 of every G18 good thing; G2532 and G3739 the G4491 roots G3586 of trees G3145 gnawed G5259 because of G3042 [2hunger G3173 1great].
  5 G1881 [2rose up against G1473 3me G2812 1Thieves],
  6 G3739 whom G3588   G3624 their houses G1473   G1510.7.6 were G5174.1 burrows G4073 of rocks.
  7 G303.1 [7in the midst G2110.3 9of distinct places G994 6shall yell G3739 1 the ones who G5259 3under G5434 5stick dwellings G66 4wild G1244.2 2pass life].
  8 G878 [2of fools G5207 1 They are sons] G2532 and G820 [2without honor G3686 1 have a name], G2532 and G2811 fame G4570 extinguished G575 from G1093 the earth.
  9 G3568 And now G1161   G2788 [4harp G1473 1I G1510.2.1 2am G1473 3their], G2532 and G1473 [2me G2362.2 3for a common topic G2192 1they have].
  10 G948 And they abhorred G1161   G1473 me, G868 separating G3112 far from me; G575 and from G1161   G4383 my face G3756 they spared not G5339   G4424.1 spittle.
  11 G455 For having opened G1063   G5329.1 his quiver G1473   G2559 he afflicted G1473 me; G2532 and G5469 [2 the bridle G3588   G4383 3of my presence G1473   G1821 1sent away].
  12 G1909 [2on G1188 3 the right hand G986 4of their offspring G1881 1They rose up against me]. G4228 [2his feet G1473   G1614 1He stretched out] G2532 and G3597.2 opened G1909 against G1473 me; G5147 with paths G684 of their destruction G1473  
  13 G1625.3 they obliterated G5147 my paths; G1473   G1562 for he took off G1063   G1473 my G3588   G4749 apparel; G956 with his spear G1473   G2628.2 he ran me through; G1473  
  14 G2919 and he has judged G1161   G1473 me G5613 as G1014 he wills; G1722 in G3601 griefs G5445.4 I am befouled.
  15 G1994 [3return G1473 1My G3588   G3601 2griefs]; G3634.2 [3was set out G1473 1my G3588   G1680 2hope] G5618 as if G4151 the wind, G2532 and G5618 [3as if G3509 4a cloud G3588   G4991 2deliverance G1473 1my].
  16 G2532 And G3568 now G1909 [3upon G1473 4me G1632 2shall be poured out G3588   G5590 1my soul]; G1473   G2192 [4suffice G1161 1and G1473 5me G2250 2days G3601 3of griefs].
  17 G3571 And at night G1161   G3588   G3747 my bones G1473   G4776.2 burn, G3588   G1161 and G3505.5 my nerves G1473   G1262 are parted.
  18 G1722 With G4183 great G2479 strength G1949 it took hold G1473 of my G3588   G4749 robe; G5618 as G3588 the G4058.3 cleft G3588   G5509 of my garment G1473   G4023 it compassed G1473 me.
  19 G2233 And you have esteemed G1161   G1473 me G2470 equal G4081 to clay; G1722 in G1093 earth G2532 and G4700 ashes G1473 is my G3588   G3310 portion.
  20 G2896 And I have cried out G1161   G4314 to G1473 you, G2532 and G3756 [3not G191 1you hear G1473 2me]; G2476 they stood G2532 and G2657 contemplated G1473 me.
  21 G1910 And you mounted G1473   G1473 against me G414.1 mercilessly; G5495 [3hand G2900 2with a strong G1473 1you whipped me]. G3146  
  22 G5021 And you arranged G1161   G1473 against me G1722 with G3601 griefs; G2532 and G641 you threw me away G1473   G575 from G4991 deliverance.
  23 G1492 For I know G1063   G3754 that G2288 death G1473 will obliterate me; G1625.3   G3614 for the house G1063   G3956 of every G2349 mortal G1093 is ground.
  24 G1487 For G1063   G3784 ought G1410 that I should be able G1683 [2myself G1315 1to lay hands upon], G2228 or G1189 indeed beseech G1065   G2087 another G2532 and G4160 he should do G1473 this to me. G3778  
  25 G1473 And I G1161   G1909 [2over G3956 3every G102 4disabled man G2799 1wept]; G4727 and I moaned G1161   G1492 beholding G435 man G1722 in G318 necessities.
  26 G1473 I G1907 waited for G18 good things, G2400 and behold G4876 [3met G1473 4with me G3123 5instead G2250 2days G2556 1bad].
  27 G3588   G2836 My belly G1473   G1566.1 erupted, G2532 and G3756 would not G4623 keep silent; G4399 [3anticipated G1473 4me G2250 1days G4432 2of poorness].
  28 G4730.1 [2moaning G4198 1I went] G427 without G5391.1 a rein; G2476 and I have stood G1161   G1722 in G1577 the assembly G2896 crying out.
  29 G80 [2a brother G1096 1I have become] G4577.1 of sirens, G2083 and companion G1161   G4765.1 of ostriches.
  30 G3588   G1192 My skin G1473   G4656 is darkened G3171 greatly, G3588   G1161 and G3747 my bones G1473   G575 from G2738 sweltering heat.
  31 G576 [4turned G1161 1And G1519 5into G3997 6mourning G1473 2my G3588   G2788 3harp], G3588   G1161 and G5568 my psalm G1473   G1519 into G2805 weeping G1473 for me.