Job 30

Thomson(i) 1 But now the meanest have me in derision: now, those undertake to admonish me; whose fathers I held in contempt: whom I did not think worthy the dogs of my flocks. 2 What in deed was the strength of their hands to me? Destruction would have been lost upon them. 3 By reason of want and famine it was useless. Already they were fleeing ineffectually from distress and misery: 4 they were crouding round the samphire on the sounding shore; and feeding on sea weeds as their food; despicable and contemned and in want of every thing good, they through extreme want were chewing even the roots of trees. 5 Against me thieves have risen up, 6 whose habitations were the clefts of rocks. 7 Amidst this tuneful choir, are to be heard the brawls of them who lived under hedges. 8 A race of fools and despicable wretches, whose name and honour are extinguished from the earth. 9 But now I am become their song: and they have me for their by-word: 10 and have abhorred me and stood at a distance: and have not spared to spit in my face. 11 Because he opened his quiver and afflicted me: therefore they have cast off the restraint, which they were under at my presence. 12 At the right of their brood they have taken their stand: they have stretched out their foot; and vindicated against me their destructive ways. 13 My ways are destroyed; for I am stript of my robe. With his darts he hath pierced me; 14 he hath used me at his pleasure. I am become loathsome by sorrows. 15 My sorrows roll back upon me. My hope is gone like a breath, and like a cloud, my safety. 16 And now my soul is melting within me. Days of sorrow take hold of me; 17 and at night my bones are melted and my sinews are quite dissolved. 18 With great force he took hold of my garment; and girded me about like the collar of my vest. 19 Thou hast accounted me as dirt: and my portion is in dust and ashes. 20 Though I have cried to thee, thou hearest me not: but they stood up and observed me; 21 and came upon me without mercy. Thou hast chastised me with a heavy hand; 22 and placed me among sorrows; and cast me away far from safety. 23 For I know that death will destroy me: for earth is the house for every mortal. 24 For! how I wish that I might lay violent hands on myself; or beseech another to do this for me. 25 As for me I indeed wept for every one in trouble; and sighed, when I saw a man in distress. 26 But when I expected prosperity: behold days of affliction came upon me. 27 My bowels have boiled and could not rest: days of misery have prevented me. 28 I have gone mourning without restraint; and have stood in the congregation and cried. 29 I have been made a brother to jackals, and a companion to ostriches. 30 My skin is become very black; and my bones are burning with heat. 31 My kithara is turned into mourning, and my song to wailing for myself.