Job 30

Matthew(i) 1 Bvt now they that are myne inferiours and younger then I, haue me in derision: yea euen they, whose fathers I woulde haue thought scorne to haue set with the dogges of my cattell. 2 The power and strength of their handes might do me no good, and as for their age, it is spent and past away: wythout any profit. 3 For very misery & honger, they went about in the wildernesse lyke wretches and beggers, 4 plucking vp herbes from amonge the busshes, and the Iunipers rote was their meat. 5 And when they were dryuen forth, men cried after them, as it had bene after a thefe. 6 Their dwellyng was besyde foule brokes, yea in the caues and dennes of the earth. 7 Vpon the drye heeth wente they aboute crying, and in the brome hilles they gathered them together. 8 They were the chyldren of fooles and vilaynes, which are deade away from the world. 9 Now am I their songe and am become their yestinge stocke: 10 they abhorre me, they fle far from me, and stayne my face with spetle. 11 For the Lorde hath opened his quyuer, he had hyt me, and put a brydle in my mouthe. 12 Vpon my ryght hand they rose together against me, they haue hurte my fete, made a waye to destroye me, 13 and my path haue they cleane marred. It was so easy for them to do me harme, that they neded no man to helpe them. 14 They fell vpon me, as it had bene the breakinge in of waters, and came in by heapes to destroy me. 15 Fearfulnesse is turned against me. Myne honoure vanysheth awaye more swyftly then winde, & my prosperite departeth hence lyke as it were a cloude. 16 Therfore is my minde poured full of heauynesse, & the dayes of trouble haue taken holde vpon me. 17 My bones are pearsed thorow in the nyghte season, & my sinewes take no rest. 18 Wyth all their power haue they chaunged my garment & gyrded me therwith, as it were wt a cote. 19 I am euen as it were claie, & am become like asshes and dust. 20 When I crye vnto the, thou doest not heare me: & though I stande before the, yet thou regardest me not. 21 Thou art become mine enemy, & wyth thy violent hande thou takest part agaynst me. 22 In tymes past thou didest set vp me on hie, as it were aboue the wynde, but now hast thou geuen me a very sore fall. 23 Sure I am, that thou wilt delyuer me vnto death: where as a lodgynge is prepared for all men lyuinge. 24 Now vse not men to do violence vnto them, that are destroyed all ready: but where hurte is done, there vse they to helpe. 25 Dyd I not wype in the tyme of trouble? Had not my soule compassion vpon the poore? 26 Yet neuerthelesse where as I loked for good, euyl happened vnto me: and where as I wayted for lyghte, there came darkenesse. 27 My bowels seeth within me, and take no reste, for the dayes of my trouble are come vpon me. 28 Mekely & lowly came I in yea and without any displeasure: I stode vp in the congregacion, and communed with them. 29 But now, I am a companion of dragons, & a felowe of Estriches. 30 My skinne vpon me is turned to blacke, and my bones are brent with heate, 31 my harpe is turned to sorow and my pype to wepynge.