Proverbs 5

  1 H1121 My son, H7181 [H8685] attend H2451 to my wisdom, H5186 [H8685] and bow H241 thy ear H8394 to my understanding:
  2 H8104 [H8800] That thou mayest regard H4209 discretion, H8193 and that thy lips H5341 [H8799] may keep H1847 knowledge.
  3 H8193 For the lips H2114 [H8801] of an adulteress H5197 [H8799] drop H5317 as an honeycomb, H2441 and her mouth H2509 is smoother H8081 than oil:
  4 H319 But her end H4751 is bitter H3939 as wormwood, H2299 sharp H6310 as a twoedged H2719 sword.
  5 H7272 Her feet H3381 [H8802] go down H4194 to death; H6806 her steps H8551 [H8799] take hold H7585 on the grave.
  6 H6424 [H8762] Lest thou shouldest ponder H734 the path H2416 of life, H4570 her ways H5128 [H8804] are unstable, H3045 [H8799] that thou canst not know them.
  7 H8085 [H8798] Hear H1121 me now therefore, O ye children, H5493 [H8799] and depart H561 not from the words H6310 of my mouth.
  8 H7368 0 Remove H1870 thy way H7368 [H8685] far H7126 [H8799] from her, and come not near H6607 the door H1004 of her house:
  9 H5414 [H8799] Lest thou give H1935 thy honour H312 to others, H8141 and thy years H394 to the cruel:
  10 H2114 [H8801] Lest strangers H7646 [H8799] be filled H3581 with thy wealth; H6089 and thy labours H1004 be in the house H5237 of a foreigner;
  11 H5098 [H8804] And thou mourn H319 at the last, H1320 when thy flesh H7607 and thy body H3615 [H8800] are consumed,
  12 H559 [H8804] And say, H8130 [H8804] How have I hated H4148 instruction, H3820 and my heart H5006 [H8804] despised H8433 reproof;
  13 H8085 [H8804] And have not obeyed H6963 the voice H3384 [H8688] of my teachers, H5186 [H8689] nor inclined H241 my ear H3925 [H8764] to them that instructed me!
  14 H4592 I was almost H3605 in all H7451 evil H8432 in the midst H6951 of the congregation H5712 and company.
  15 H8354 [H8798] Drink H4325 waters H953 out of thy own cistern, H5140 [H8802] and running waters H8432 out of H875 thy own well.
  16 H4599 Let thy fountains H6327 [H8799] be dispersed H2351 abroad, H6388 and rivers H4325 of waters H7339 in the streets.
  17 H2114 [H8801] Let them be only thy own, and not for strangers with thee.
  18 H4726 Let thy fountain H1288 [H8803] be blessed: H8055 [H8798] and rejoice H802 with the wife H5271 of thy youth.
  19 H158 Let her be as the loving H365 hind H2580 and pleasant H3280 roe; H1717 let her breasts H7301 [H8762] satisfy H6256 thee at all times; H7686 [H8799] and be thou ravished H8548 always H160 with her love.
  20 H1121 And why wilt thou, my son, H7686 [H8799] be ravished H2114 [H8801] with an adulteress, H2263 [H8762] and embrace H2436 the bosom H5237 of a foreigner?
  21 H1870 For the ways H376 of man H5227 are before H5869 the eyes H3068 of the LORD, H6424 [H8764] and he pondereth H4570 all his goings.
  22 H5771 His own perversities H3920 [H8799] shall take H7563 the wicked H8551 [H8735] himself, and he shall be held H2256 with the cords H2403 of his sins.
  23 H4191 [H8799] He shall die H4148 without instruction; H7230 and in the abundance H200 of his folly H7686 [H8799] he shall go astray.