H5197 נטף - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; to ooze, that is, distil gradually; by implication to fall in drops; figuratively to speak by inspiration

KJV Usage: drop (-ping), prophesy (-et).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. to drop, drip, distil, prophesy, preach, discourse
a. (Qal) to drop, drip
b. (Hiphil)
1. to drip
2. to drop (prophecy)
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 1355
Parts of Speech: Verb

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18 occurrences of H5197 נטף

Judges 5:4 poured,
Judges 5:4 also poured
Job 29:22 fell
Psalms 68:8 also rained
Proverbs 5:3 drop
Song of Songs 4:11 drop
Song of Songs 5:5 flowed
Song of Songs 5:13 dropping
Ezekiel 20:46 and drop
Ezekiel 21:2 and drop
Joel 3:18 shall drop down
Amos 7:16 and drop
Amos 9:13 shall drop
Micah 2:6 Prophesy
Micah 2:6 ye not, say they to them that prophesy:
Micah 2:6 they shall not prophesy
Micah 2:11 saying, I will prophesy
Micah 2:11 he shall even be the prophet

Distinct usage

3 and drop
2 drop
1 poured,
1 also poured
1 fell
1 also rained
1 flowed
1 dropping
1 shall drop down
1 shall drop
1 Prophesy
1 ye not, say they to them that prophesy:
1 they shall not prophesy
1 saying, I will prophesy
1 he shall even be the prophet