Matthew 25:1-10

  1 G5119 "Then G932 the Kingdom G3772 of Heaven G3933 will be G3666 like G1176 ten G3933 virgins, G3748 who G2983 took G846 their G2985 lamps, G1831 and went G1519 out G529 to meet G3566 the bridegroom.
  2 G4002 Five G1537 of G846 them G2258 were G3474 foolish, G1161 and G4002 five G2258 were G5429 wise.
  3 G3748 Those G3474 who were foolish, G2983 when they took G1438 their G2985 lamps, G2983 took G3756 no G1637 oil G3326 with G1438 them,
  4 G1161 but G5429 the wise G2983 took G1637 oil G1722 in G846 their G30 vessels G3326 with G846 their G2985 lamps.
  5 G1161 Now while G3566 the bridegroom G5549 delayed, G3573 they G3956 all G3573 slumbered G2532 and G2518 slept.
  6 G1161 But G3319 at G3571 midnight G1096 there was G1096 a G2906 cry, G2400 ‘Behold! G3566 The bridegroom G2064 is coming! G1831 Come G1519 out G529 to meet G846 him!'
  7 G5119 Then G3956 all G1565 those G3933 virgins G1453 arose, G2532 and G2885 trimmed G846 their G2985 lamps.
  8 G1161 The G3474 foolish G2036 said G5429 to the wise, G1325 ‘Give G2254 us G1537 some of G5216 your G1637 oil, G3754 for G2257 our G2985 lamps G4570 are going out.'
  9 G1161 But G5429 the wise G611 answered, G3004 saying, G3379 ‘What if G3756 there isn't G714 enough G2254 for us G2532 and G5213 you? G5213 You G3123 go rather G4314 to G4453 those who sell, G2532 and G59 buy G1438 for yourselves.'
  10 G565 While G846 they G565 went G59 away to buy, G3566 the bridegroom G2064 came, G2532 and G2092 those who were ready G1525 went in G3326 with G846 him G1519 to G1062 the marriage G2532 feast, and G2374 the door G2808 was shut.