Matthew 25:1-10

Matthew(i) 1 Then the kingdome of heauen shalbe lykened vnto ten virgins, which toke their lampes and went to mete the bridegrom, 2 Fyue of them were folyshe, & fyue were wise. 3 The folyshe toke theyr lampes, but toke none oyle with them. 4 But the wise toke oyle with them in their vessels with their lampes also. 5 Whyle the brydegrome taried, al slombred and slepte. 6 And euen at midnight there was a crye made: beholde, the brydegrome cometh, goo out againste hym. 7 Then all those virgins arose, and prepared their lampes. 8 And the folishe sayed to the wise: gyue vs of your oyle for oure lampes go out. 9 But the wyse aunswered sayinge not so, least there be not ynough for vs and you: but go rather to them that sell & by for your selues. 10 And whyle they went to bye the brydegrome came: and they that were redie, went in wyth hym to the weddinge, and the gate was shut vp.