Matthew 25:1-10

JMNT(i) 1 "At that time, the reign of the heavens (or: the heavens' kingdom; the sovereign rule and influence from the atmospheres) will continue being considered like (or: caused to resemble; or: compared to) ten virgins (unmarried girls) who, upon taking (getting) their lamps (or: torches), went out into the bridegroom's [D and other MSS add: and the bride's] meeting. 2 "Now five of them were foolish (stupid; mentally dull), and five [were] thoughtful and prudent. 3 "You see, the foolish and stupid maidens, in taking their lamps (or: torches), did not take oil with them, 4 "whereas the thoughtful and prudent ladies (or: girls) did take oil within the flasks (or: crocks; receptacles) with their personal lamps (or: torches). 5 "Now with the continued passing of time during [the; a] delaying of the bridegroom, they all became drowsy, nodded off, and then continued fast asleep. 6 "So, in the middle of [the] night, a shout had occurred, 'Look! The bridegroom! Be proceeding to now go forth into [the] meeting [other MSS: his meeting]!' 7 "At that point all those virgins (girls) were awakened and then at once put their lamps in order (or: trimmed and adjusted their torches). 8 "Now the foolish maidens said to the prudent ladies, 'Give us some of your oil, because our lamps (torches) are being progressively run dry and extinguished (put out)!' 9 "But the thoughtful and prudent ladies gave a discerning and decided reply, [each] saying, 'Not at this time. There would in no way be enough for [both] us and you folks as well. Instead, be going now on your way to the merchants (the folks normally selling [oil]) and at once buy for yourselves [at the market].' 10 "So, during their going off to make a purchase (to buy), the bridegroom came, and the ladies who were prepared and ready entered in with him into the wedding festivities (or: marriage feast), and then the gate was shut and barred (or: the door was closed and locked).