2 Thessalonians

JMNT(i) 1 Paul, Silvanus (or: Silas), and Timothy, to the called-out community of [the] Thessalonians within God our Father, even (or: and) [the] Lord (or: in union with God, our Father and Lord), Jesus Christ: 2 Grace and peace (or: Favor and harmony) to you from God, our Father and Lord (or: our Father, and [the] Lord), Jesus Christ ([the] Anointed)! 3 We continue being indebted to be constantly expressing gratitude to God (or: We are continually owing [it] to be habitually acknowledging the goodness of grace and the well-being from the favor in God) – always – concerning you, brothers (= fellow believers; = Family members), according as it is continually valuable (pushes the scales down; is worthy), because your faith (or: trust; conviction; loyalty) is constantly flourishing (growing above; over-growing; exceedingly increasing) and the love of each one of you all continuously abounds (exists in abundance) unto and into the midst of each other, 4 so that we ourselves boast in you folks among God's summoned-forth ones (among those called-out of God; or: in union with God’s called-out communities) over your steadfast remaining under to give support (or: persistent patient endurance) and faith (or: loyalty; trust) within all your pursuits (or: chasings; or: persecutions; harassments) and the pressures (squeezings; constrictions; contractions; tribulations; oppressions; ordeals) which you habitually have again (or: sustain; hold up). 5 [This is] a display-effect (result of pointing-out; demonstration) of God's fair and equitable (just; in accord with the Way pointed out) deciding (separating for an evaluation or a judging), [leading] unto your being accounted worthy (deemed of equal value) of God's kingdom (or: the sovereign reign which is God), over (or: on behalf of) which you are also constantly having sensible experiences (or: normally feeling emotions; or: repeatedly suffering), 6 since in regard to a person who observes the Way pointed out – a rightwised person – [it is right] in the presence of God (or: if [it is], after all, the right thing with and beside God [= on God's part]), to repay pressure (or: squeezing and oppression; ordeal; trouble) to those continuously pressuring (squeezing; oppressing; troubling) you folks, 7 and to (or: for; in) you – the folks being continuously pressed – relaxation (ease; a relaxing of a state of constriction; relief), together with us, within the midst of the uncovering (the unveiling; the laying bare; the revelation; the disclosure) of the Lord Jesus from [the] atmosphere (or: sky; heaven), along with agents of His power (or: with His agents of ability) – 8 within a fire, of flame [with other MSS: in union with a blaze of fire] continuously giving justice (or: repeatedly imparting the effects of fair and equitable dealings from out of the way pointed out, and the maintaining of right) among (or: for; in; with; to) those not knowing (or: perceiving) God, even among (or: for; in; with; to) those not continuously listening to or paying attention and obeying the message of goodness and well-being, which is our Lord, Jesus (or: which comes from and pertains to our Master and Owner: Jesus). 9 These certain folks who will proceed paying the thing that is right (incur justice, fairness and equity): ruin pertaining to the Age [of Messiah] (or: an unspecified period of ruin or destruction; or: ruin for an age; eonian destruction having the character of the Age) [coming] from the Lord's face [= the Christ's or Yahweh’s presence], even from the glory of His strength (or: spreading from the manifestation which calls forth praise regarding, and having the character of, His strength) – 10 whenever He may come and go, to be made glorious within (to be glorified in union with; to have a reputation within) His set-apart folks (holy and sacred people), and to be wondered at (marveled at; admired) within all the folks believing in that day, seeing that our testimony (or: evidence), [being placed] on you, was believed (received with faith) and is trusted. 11 Unto which end we always continuously pray (think or speak toward having goodness, ease and well-being), also, concerning you in order that our God would account you worthy of the calling (or: of equal value to the invitation) and would fill (or: make full) every delight (pleasure, good thought) of virtue (excellence; goodness) and work of faith in power (or: and may make every good disposition of excellence and action of trust full, in union with ability), 12 so that the Name of our Lord, Jesus [other MSS add: Christ], may be invested with glory (glorified; made to be a manifestation and a reputation which calls forth praise) within you folks, and you within Him, according to (down from; in line with; on the level of) the grace and favor of our God and Lord, Jesus Christ (or: from our God, and [the] Owner, Anointed Jesus).