2 Thessalonians

ECB(i) 1
Paulos and Silvanus and Timo Theos: To the ecclesia of Thessalonikeus in Elohim our Father and Adonay Yah Shua Messiah: 2 Charism to you and shalom from Elohim our Father and Adonay Yah Shua Messiah. 3
We are always indebted to eucharistize Elohim for you, brothers, exactly as is worthy; that your trust increase greatly and the love of each one of you all superabound toward each other; 4 so that we ourselves boast in you in the ecclesiae of Elohim for your endurance and trust in all the persecutions and tribulations you endure: 5 which is an indication of the just judgment of Elohim - to count you worthy of the sovereigndom of Elohim for which you also suffer: 6 whenever it is just with Elohim to recompense tribulation to them who tribulate you; 7 and you who are tribulated, to relax with us, in the apocalypse of Adonay Yah Shua of the heavens, with his angels of dynamis, 8 in flaming fire giving vengeance on them who know not Elohim - who obey not the evangelism of our Adonay Yah Shua Messiah: 9 to be penalized in judgment with eternal ruin - from the face of Adonay and from the glory of his might; 10 whenever he comes to be glorified in his holy and to be marvelled in all who trust - because you trust our witness among you in that day: 11 to which also we always pray for you, that our Elohim deem you worthy of this calling and fulfill/shalam all the well-approval of goodness and the work of trust in dynamis: 12 that the name of our Adonay Yah Shua Messiah be glorified in you - and you in him, according to the charism of our Elohim and Adonay Yah Shua Messiah.