2 Thessalonians

Great(i) 1 Paul and Syluanus and Timotheus. Unto the congregacyon of the Thessalonyans in God oure father, and in the Lord Iesus Christ. 2 Grace be vnto you and peace from God oure father, and from the Lorde Iesus Chryst. 3 We are bounde to thanke God all wayes for you brethren (as it is mete) because that youre fayth groweth excedyngly, and euery one of you swymmeth in loue towarde another betwene youre selues, 4 so that we oure selues boast of you in the congregacyons of God, ouer your pacyence & fayth in all your persecucyons & tribulacyons, that ye suffre, 5 whych is a token of the ryghtewes iudgement of God, that ye are counted worthy of the kyngdome of God, for whych ye also suffre. 6 It is verely a ryghtewes thyng with God that he recompence tribulacyon to them that trouble you: 7 and to you whych are troubled, rest wyth vs, when the Lorde Iesus shall shewe hym selfe from heauen with the Angels of hys power, 8 wyth flaminge fyre, whych shall rendre vengeaunce vnto them that knowe not God, and that obeye not the Gospell of oure Lorde Iesus Christ 9 which shalbe punysshed wyth euerlastynge damnacyon, from the presence of the Lorde, and from the glory of his power, 10 when he shall come to be glorifyed in his saynctes, and to be come maruelous in all them that beleue: because oure testimonie that we had to you, was beleued euen the same daye. 11 Wherfore, also we praye allwayes for you, that our God will make you worthy of this calling, & fulfyll all delectacyon of goodnes & the worcke of fayth, wt power: 12 that the name of oure Lorde Iesus Chryst maye be glorifyed by you, and ye by hym, accordynge to the grace of oure God, and of the Lorde Iesus Christ.